#Home: Why You All Should Be Excited To Watch This Movie

The trailer of #Home is like a breath of fresh air. It’s been a while since we all saw a good, family drama that has a cracking storyline, and would keep us on the edge of our seats. #Home is everything a normal, middle-class Malayali family would relate to. Right from our access to technology to sharing a bond with our family, this movie has it all. Save the date on 19th August to watch #Home on Amazon Prime. Here are 5 reasons why you all should be excited to watch #Home:

Vijay Babu: The Producer & Actor


Vijay Babu is the producer and actor in the movie #Home. He had commented, “With ‘#Home’ our focus was solely to highlight a socially relevant topic with a point of view portrayed in such a way that it leaves viewers with food for thought. The beautifully relatable characters have been carefully weaved into the narrative and presented in a light-hearted way that will make for a perfect family watch.” He is also known to produce movies like Philips and the Monkey Pen, Aadu 1 & 2, Mudhugauv and now #Home.

The Fun Cast 

What’s amazing about #Home is the cast. Who wouldn’t want to watch Indrans, Sreenath Bhasi, Vijay Babu, Manju Pillai, Neslin, Pauly Wilson and Anoop Menon come together on-screen? We’re definitely looking forward to Indrans’ performance. He has been a veteran actor in the Indian film industry for over four decades now. This movie is like a tribute to his excellent work over the years. Manju Pillai, who plays the role of the mother, has also garnered quite a reputation, and her performance is something to look forward to.

The Story Of #Home


The trailer of #Home got us hooked in the very beginning when Indrans (Oliver Twist) asks his son to download Facebook, WhatsApp on his phone. It’s an everyday phenomenon in most Malayali households. Arguments among family members, boredom-induced behaviours, sibling fights, and social media influence, you name it, #Home has it all. Each of these moments is so relatable. The movie captures these kutty elements and takes us on a journey that will bring a smile to our faces.

When The Student Becomes The Teacher


In the trailer, when we see Oliver Twist trying the learn the tricks of the social media world, we all realise that our parents have been in the same position. During the lockdown, we all had to depend on the internet and learn the tech world to survive. We saw children teach their parents about the World Wide Web, and introduce them to various social media apps. Be it Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or Zoom, we’ve managed to open the tech world to the older generations even though many of us have had hard time explaining. It’s these moments that #Home captures, and it’s what will make this movie a big hit.

Comedy Drama We’ve Been Waiting For

It’s soulful, fun, and a light watch. It’s definitely a light-hearted movie we’ve all been waiting for.

So, are you ready to watch #Home?

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