Hill Stations In Wayanad That You Must Visit

Malayalis’ love for travel has always demanded the beauty of some “pachapp and harithabha”. Their wanderlust souls get gladdened when these desires are satisfied at the tip of a summit with a  glass of “kattan” to chill with. And one cannot miss the rocking legacy of Wayanad with its lush green terrain and serenity of nature. To add to that, this article suggests 11, not-so-popular hill stations in Wayanad that have been a paradise to the visitors who discovered it.

Muneeswaran Hills

Also known as the Vagamon of Wayanad, Muneeswaran hills are situated in Thalapuzha in Begur Range, North Wayanad. It is rich in its geographical area with abundant paddy fields, coffee and tea plantations, luxuriant hills, and dense vegetation. As quoted by the inhabitants around, the hills are frequently wandered by elephants and if you come across big black rocks scattered around, examine them once before you plan to climb them for they might be elephants resting on hilltops. Another attraction to this place is the Muneeswaran temple from which the hill received its name.

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Chembra Peak

The entrance to Chembra peak is located at a 5 km distance from Meppadi, Wayanad. The main attraction of this location is its trekking experience. The trekking starts at 7 am and registration closes soon when the limit crosses 200 people for a day. The peak of the hill has a heart-shaped lake which is the most appealing view after an arduous trek.

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Brahmagiri Hills

Hill Stations In Wayanad

Brahmagiri hills are situated amidst the border of Kodak district in Karnataka and Wayanad in Kerala. The trekking trails here cover up to a total of 16 km. It takes more than three hours of intense trekking to reach the hilltop which is 1608m high. The trek starts from the forest department camp shed at Thirunelli, Wayanad. The steep track is hard to climb but travelers will be soothed by the glistening streams which meet them at regular intervals along the track.

Chirapullu Peak

The Chirapullu trek starts from Pulinjal forest office located at a 17 km distance from Mananthavady. The trekking experience here is more adventurous and the trails cover around 15 km. The trek halts along the way at a total of four viewpoints. The waterfalls here provide a mesmerizing event to indulge in.

Makkiyad Holy Cross Hills

Located in Kanhirangad village near Mananthavady, Wayanad, Makkiyad Kurishumala serves a fulfilling trekking experience and is one of the best hill stations in Wayanad to visit. The walking trail is covered with tea plantations and vegetation. The trekking ends where a holy cross is situated at the hilltop and the view from there is gorgeous.

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Hill Stations In Wayanad

If there is one great place to view the sunrise from Wayanad, it is Kurumbalakotta. It is a monolith hillock in Kerala, which is also unofficially known as the ‘Meeshappulimala’ of Wayanad. It is located in the Kottathara Village in Vythiri Taluk at a distance of 20 km from Kalpetta. The glowing yellow sun rising above the thick white beds of clouds casting the golden colour shades on the cloud tops pictures a breathtaking view to immerse yourself in.


Starting from Kalladi near Meppadi, Chooranamala, Aranamala jeep trekking makes up for an unforgettable experience. Moving through the dense blankets of cardamom plantations and green prairie, travellers can reach the “Tentgram Resort” amidst thick forests. The hiking from there covers steep terrains and gurgling streams with waterfalls. Everything here adds up to more than a lifetime experience for your wanderlust heart.

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900 Kandi (Thollayiram Kandi)

Hill Stations In Wayanad

Situated near Kalladi, Wayanad, this place is pure bliss for the roaming souls who look for a different experience. Travelers have the option to stay in a regular room, tent, or cave! The main attraction of this place is sky park, a privately owned park that facilitates various activities. The tree-top viewpoint, adventurous giant swing ride, and glass bridge that provide the effect of a skywalk are to name a few. The waterfalls are also a great attraction to add to the scenic beauty.

Banasura Hills

The Meenmutty waterfalls are located at a distance of 24 km from Kalpatta and there starts the Banasura hills trekking. Travelers can also view Banasura Sagar dam along that location. It comprises the famous ‘Kaattukunnu’ and ‘Sayippu Kunnu’. Banasura hills henceforth make way for one of the longest and most adventurous trekking experiences in Wayanad as climbing against the high winds is cumbersome but at the same time a  refreshing experience.

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Hill Stations In Wayanad

Located at a 4 km distance from Meenangadi, Wayanad, Kolagapara also is a sought-out destination for its cottony cloud beds spanning over kilometers above the hilltop. Kolagapara is near Kurumbalakotta, but both trekking experiences are discrete in their natural setting. Trekking through massive rock crevices and joints is a specialty belonging to Kolagappara.


Located in Ambalavayal, Wayanad is a place with large rocky hills at regular intervals. One such hill that now turned out to be an abandoned quarry made way for a beautiful viewpoint. This hill is called Manjappara and as the name suggests, the way to the hilltop is filled with adventurous and at times dangerous rocky climb ways, crevices, and steep ends.

Special mention to the officials at these hill stations in Wayanad who have made a dedicated effort and taken careful measures to avoid plastic and other wastes left by tourists. In most cases, it has worked well. Also, travelers must have been aware of the blood-sucking leeches that might be a difficulty for their trekking experience. But, it cannot be avoided and people should take extra care to manage their health and well-being at these places by carrying salt to handle leeches and also bringing some fruits, nuts, and fluids to help themselves along the way. 

I have not mentioned the ticket costs for trekking and other facilities at many places as they may vary with time and the number of people in a group. At times, it can cost very less too. Another essential point to note is the timing. All the trek starts early morning and if registrations are there, it will close after a limited number of people too. So, be early to get to these places as most do not have online booking facilities. Happy trekking! If you have more suggestions to add to this list of hill stations in Wayanad, feel free to comment below.

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