Hey, Class of 2020! Are You Okay?

Right now, humankind is engaged in a fight against a common enemy – COVID-19. And while masks have becomes the new ‘hot accessory’ and conspiracy theories fill the space around us, let’s be honest; no one was prepared for this. 2020 is going to go down in history as one of those years that reshaped the world. 

But amidst this chaos, there is a group of young adults who have to step into a world, that makes no sense to anyone, to chase their dreams and ambitions. Yes, we’re talking about the class of 2020; the students who are finishing their college/school education this year. This post is for them. This post is equally for people who are a year or two older, as they might still be finding their way, and a year or two younger, because it looks like the repercussions are here to stay.

Here are some of the thoughts that must be eating your brain right now:

Where’s my gang at? I want closure!

When the pandemic took the world by storm, most of us would’ve welcomed the break from school/college. But little did we realize that we won’t be going back to our college or school again. Back then, we’d assumed that the lockdown would last just a few weeks. But it has been three months now and you must be missing your gang.

It might be a two-person gang or a ten-person gang, but due to lockdown restrictions, we haven’t met our people in a long time. All the plans we made for our last day – one last milkshake from the cafeteria, one last groupfie on the steps, one last biryani from our favorite restaurant, one last goodbye with everyone – will remain unfulfilled. To the class of 2020, their college/school life will feel like a relationship that ended without closure.

But hey! When this is all over, and it will be over, plan to meet under the shade of that same infamous tree on your campus.

I’d planned to go for higher studies. What now?!

Many of us must have made plans to pursue higher education abroad or in premier universities within India. The choice would have been made after careful deliberation about the resources available to you and your family, the quality of education, and let’s not forget placements. But most cities that are home to these dream universities are severely affected by the pandemic.

None of us, or our parents, can be fully assured of our safety if we choose to pursue our studies in these institutions. And if you were planning to go abroad, there are likely to be restrictions on international travel. So you will have to accept things as they are and make changes to your plans accordingly.

Recession?! Will there be jobs? Am I equipped for this new world?

We welcomed 2020 with fireworks and celebrations. Little did we know that it would mark the end of the normal that we knew and understood. Students entering the job market this year will step into a new normal – one where the rat race seems fiercer, one where GDP projections have taken a nose-dive and all economic indicators are showing red flags. A worldwide recession is expected by most experts, and this would adversely affect the job prospects of the class of 2020. 

It is natural for us to have self-doubt. You might find yourself thinking: do I have what it takes? Is my dream job a priority in the post-corona world?

Pandemics are not new to the world. Mankind has survived the black plague, the Spanish flu, and whatnot. And after all these challenges, we have bounced back to build a stronger world. We will do so this time around too. We, the class of 2020, must take this struggle and turn it into a revolutionary change. With newer challenges being posed, better solutions will arise, and with never-before-seen questions, amazing answers! Here is a ‘break a leg’ for the class of 2020, here is a graduation speech that we never got to hear: you will become the shapers of destiny!

Now, this post is also a reminder to check up on your friends and relatives. All of the above-mentioned qualms will be troubling the minds of the class of 2020. It becomes important to spread a little laughter, to spare a bit of time every day. Call your friends to let them know that you are just a phone call away and that everything will eventually be OK.
Maria Sajuhttp://www.pinklungi.com
Passionate about music, literature, and chocolate, I wrote my first story when I was eleven years old. Since then, stories have been a way of communicating my inner thoughts and, ever so often, you will find me lost in the other world.


  1. Maria, your words echo the feelings of many youngsters out there. Yes, the best way to thrive this year is to stay connected even while maintaining social distancing.

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