Here’s Where You Can Watch The Comedy Drama Ennalum Nteliyaa Starring Suraj Venjaramoodu

Directed by Bash Mohammed, the comedy-drama Ennalum Nteliyaa features Suraj Venjaramoodu, Gayathri Arun, Siddique, Lena, and Meera Nandan in pivotal roles. Prime members can stream the film in Malayalam starting today, February 3rd.

Revolving around Balakrishnan, aka Balu, an insurance agent in Dubai, and his wife, Lakshmi, who are going about their life as usual when the arrival of Balu’s brother-in-law lands the family in an inadvertent confrontation with his building complex neighbour. Due to an innocuous conversation and a series of misunderstandings, the families are embroiled in a comical one-upmanship, trying to outdo each other until the real culprits of the love affair are finally unveiled.

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Comedy Drama Ennalum Nteliyaa

Speaking about the film, director Bash Mohammed, said, “A light-hearted comedy, Ennalum Nteliyaa is inspired by real-life situations that can happen with any family, making it extremely relatable. A stellar cast, with their exceptional acting prowess, makes the characters and the film even more enjoyable. Bringing this story to a much larger and more diverse audience, I am delighted that Ennalum Nteliyaa will stream on Prime Video.”

Actor Suraj Venjaramoodu shared, “Ennalum Nteliyaa is a comical take on how certain conversations and happenings within families and with neighbours can spin out of control. Director Bash Mohammed has a natural flair for humour, and this film beautifully exhibits that. With amazing performances from a talented cast that includes Siddique sir, Gayathri, Lena, and Meera, I am sure viewers will enjoy this film to the fullest.”

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