Here’s Where You Can Watch Pachuvum Athbutha Vilakkum, Fahadh Faasil’s Malayalam Comedy-Drama

Prime Video has just announced the worldwide streaming premiere of the Malayalam comedy drama Pachuvum Athbutha Vilakkum. This film is written and directed by Akhil Sathyan, and produced by Sethu Mannarkkad, and stars Fahadh Faasil as the lead character, Prashanth Rajan, also known as Pachu. Anjana Jayaprakash, Mohan Agashe, and Indrans also star in key roles. Pachuvum Athbutha Vilakkum will exclusively stream in India and across 240 countries and territories worldwide on May 26 and will also be available in Tamil and Telugu dubs.

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Pachuvum Athbutha Vilakkum is a light-hearted comedy-drama that follows Pachu, a middle-class Malayali businessman from Mumbai, who travels to Kerala for a task, only to experience a series of unexpected events that lead him to an exciting opportunity filled with surprises and twists. As he helps a spirited senior on her noble mission, Pachu undergoes a transformative journey of empathy and love.

Talking about the film’s global streaming premiere, actor Fahadh Faasil said, “My character, Pachu, is an ordinary man, who lives an ordinary life but suddenly finds himself on this extraordinary journey, which changes his perspective of life and everything in it. Pachuvum Athbutha Vilakkum is a beautiful story of an emotional journey, sprinkled with comedy and drama, making it a light and engaging watch for audience of all ages.”

Director Akhil Sathyan, said, “Pachuvum Athbutha Vilakkum has received an extremely positive response from the audience and critics, not only for its unique story, and exceptional performances, but also for the deep and meaningful message behind it. We realize that with the right intention, approach, and execution, films can move people. And we tried to do just that, with a delicate balance of comedy and drama. I am delighted that Pachuvum Athbutha Vilakkum will reach an even wider audience when it premieres on Prime Video, and I can’t wait for them to watch and enjoy it as much as I did while making it.”

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