Here’s How You Can Help Animals Affected In Kerala Floods

Animals Affected In Kerala Floods

Floods in Kerala every year take the lives of scores of innocent animals. The extent of which we may be completely unaware of.

The harsh weather patterns in Kerala, leading to unstoppable rains and floods not only affects the lives of people but also livestock and animals. While there are efforts to keep people safe in relief camps, there isn’t any proactiveness when it comes to rescuing animals. Thousands of animals are either washed away, badly injured, killed on spot, or abandoned during such calamities. They barely have a chance to survive.

Thankfully, there is a particular organisation that’s specifically in charge of animal rescue operations. But, they need your help and assistance during these tough times.

Humane Society International India, in collaboration with the State Animal Husbandry Department and the Kerala State Disaster Management Authority, is trying to rescue and provide needful care for these animals. Humane Society International India is India’s only animal protection organization working on all animal issues.

They are currently giving relief to families in need of essential materials for the animals, such as food and medicine.

They are currently focussing their efforts in Kerala’s Alappuzha. This district is one of the worst affected places in Kerala because of the deadly monsoon rains. The volunteers and members are distributing 10,000 kgs of fodder for thousands of cattle and food for the street animals. While they have managed to save many lives, they need financial help to acquire more food to serve. That’s where you can join hands and help them out.

With your donation, they plan to buy 200 bags of fodder to help stranded families with cattle, feed stray animals, and provide medical assistance. But they need an additional amount of 2.5 lakhs to procure all the necessary materials.

Here’s how you can donate.

Head over to this link here – It will direct you to the donation page where all the details regarding the fundraising are mentioned. Donations to this NGO have a 50% tax exemption for donors from India. Here’s your chance to help animals affected by the Kerala floods. Please contribute.

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