Healthcare Workers Are Superstars Too, As UAE Honours Nurses With Golden Visa

Mammootty and Mohanlal receiving the ‘golden visa’ in UAE was a greatly celebrated moment that popularised the concept throughout India. Soon, it became a matter of pride among celebrities and fans to obtain a golden visa from the UAE government. Well, not many would have understood what a golden visa was or how someone could get it, but it became the talk of the town among Indians.

UAE’s Golden Visa, a visa valid for ten years unlike the usual two years, is the nation’s form of appreciation to investors, doctors, personalities from the various fields to enhance the talents and bring about development in the country. Golden visa is also alloted to students and their parents who perform exceptionally well in academic and innovative aspects.

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Ordinary Malayali expats in the gulf, who have been toiling hard for years, would have wondered when they would get a golden visa, while celebrities received them. But guess what, a large section of Malayalis, the public and private healthcare professionals like nurses, ambulance workers and frontline workers have started receiving a golden visa for their contribution during the Covid-19.

The fact that a large percentage of nurses in the UAE are from India and particularly from Kerala ensures a direct impact of this scheme on a large number of Malayali families.

Kottayam-based Anumol and Athirampuzha-based Sunil Joseph, two nurses working in Abu Dhabi, were one of the first few Malayalis who received the golden visa. Anumol, who had to renew her visa applied for the same. After which, she came to know that she had received a 10-year-long visa. Many other Malayalis have started receiving their golden visa, serving as a source of happiness and comfort.

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People used to wonder why most NRI Malayalis in the gulf have at least one nurse in their family. Well, this is the kind of reception the nursing community receives in the UAE. The news has made a number of Malayalis heave a sigh of relief.

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