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Have You Tried The Peanut Butter Beef Burger At The Voyager Diner In Kakkanad?

The Voyager Diner

If you’re a burger fan like we are, then you’ve got to try the burgers at The Voyager Diner. Located in Kakkanad, this 24/7 open diner is inspired by the American diner culture. They have one of the juiciest, lip-smacking burger options you can ever try. Their peanut butter beef burger is one of their most unique burgers. Trust us, you’ll have dreams about their burgers.

Read on, you’re about to feel some serious hunger pangs set in.

Relish Legendary Beef Fries, Burgasm, Voyager Legendary Burger and more

The burgers here are massive and flavourful. It features quality ingredients piled high with toppings and tasty sauces. We’d recommend their best selling burger which is called Burgasm. True to its name, this juicy burger with cheese dripping down from all over is sure to give you a foodgasm.

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If you’re up for experimenting, the Peanut Butter Beef Burger is a must-try. They use homemade peanut butter sauce and the “Umami” of beef while making this special dish. 

Apart from the burgers, they also have a wacky shake menu. One of their most recommended shakes is the Monster Shake. They have filled this shake up with chocolate in five elements – Melted chocolate, chocolate brownie (the munchy bits), chocolate oreo, Lotte Choco Pie and the world-famous Delfi Twisters, topped with homemade whipped cream. Commence drooling.

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Let us know your favourite burger at The Voyager Diner in the comments. We’d love to try it out.

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