Have You Set Your New Year Resolutions For 2023 Yet?

Earth has completed yet another rotation around the sun and we all celebrated this day by partying hard and making New Year resolutions for 2023. ‘This year is going to be different’ – was the mantra many of us swore, but did your resolve melt away as the first working day of the year loomed ahead? So here is a gentle reminder from us about some minor yet major changes that can improve the quality of your life this year.

Like little things

 New Year Resolutions For 2023

Milestones and achievements need not always be of mountain size. This year you may not get a promotion, you may not find time to travel, or you may not marry the love of your life but this year you may learn to make that perfect cup of coffee. No achievement is trivial and appreciating little things in life only makes you more content

Share understanding

Social media has become an important part of our lives. Hence it is essential for us to understand that social media is a facade, happy moments are showcased while the struggles are hidden. So let’s be responsible users by not taking social media at its face value and creating goals out of its content. Live in the moments rather than only capturing those. 

Subscribe yourself

 New Year Resolutions For 2023

Life is a continuous marathon, so remember to take constant breaks to pause and reflect on yourself. Learn to make ‘You’ your priority and indulge in self-care. When you choose yourself over others, ensure to uncheck guilt from your terms and conditions.

Follow boundaries

If Laxman Rekha was meant to protect Sita, then boundaries are intended to protect one’s privacy and space. No matter the level of intimacy shared in a relationship, people would still have boundaries based on their personal choices. This year, make efforts to respect and follow others’ personal boundaries while you set those of your own. 

Block toxicity

 New Year Resolutions For 2023

Are you still holding on to people who are putting you down or constraining you? Maybe this year, you can find the courage to block and permanently remove such people from your life. Install an anti-virus system in your life and scan your lover, friends, family, and colleagues. Then take steps to remove any poisonous elements and ensure that you are surrounded only by people who value and respect you. 

Double click mental health

Gym enrolments go skyrocketing every new year. While focussing on toning your body, do not miss out on your mental well-being. Accept your mind as part of your body and check out stress from the cart of your life. Even normalize visiting a psychologist as part of your yearly routine health check-up. 

Post empathy

 New Year Resolutions For 2023

Every person you meet has their share of ups and downs, so practicing empathy can go a long way. There is nothing that you will lose by being kind and understanding. A helping hand might not just change their life but make your life meaningful too. 

We at Pinklungi wish you a very happy 2023!

What are your New Year resolutions for 2023? Let us know in the comments

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