Have you seen the Taj Mahal of Alappuzha, the Ravi Karuna Karan Museum?

When you’re Googling Alappuzha’s hotspots, you’re bound to come across the Ravi Karuna Karan Museum as one of the top three attractions in the district. Who needs beaches and backwaters when you can check out ancient artefacts and crystal collections? 

In the heart of Alappuzha, often referred to as the Venice of the East, lies a tale of enduring love and remembrance. Much like the Taj Mahal, which Shahjahan built for his wife, here in Alappuzha, Betty built the Ravi Karuna Karan Museum for her husband, a symbol of timeless love. As the town is famous for its picturesque landscapes, canals, and backwaters, the museum becomes a cherished addition to the town’s allure. 

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Have you seen the Taj Mahal of Alappuzha, the Ravi Karuna Karan Museum?

Sri. Ravi Karuna Karan is widely considered the architect of the modern Coir Industry in India. His father and grandfather were also prominent industrialists in the coir Industry. RKK passed away on November 25th, 2002. His family had also been avid collectors of fine arts and artefacts for over three generations. This collection was always maintained in the private domain. After the demise of RKK, Mrs. RKK (Betty) decided to open up the collection to the public. This museum was conceived and executive by Betty- right from the conceptual design of the building to the placement of the tiniest article within the museum to the public in the ever-loving memory of a most beloved husband and loving father in 2006. Right in front of the museum, we can see one of the Coir Factory they own. 

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The museum has two floors. On the ground floor, we can see a very stylish and sexy “Buick Super” 1948 model car imported by Ravi Karuna Karan’s father, hundreds of exquisite porcelain pieces from all over the world- Meissen, Lladro, Armani, Capo de Monte, etc… and dozens of rare antique Tanjore Paintings. 

On the first floor, there is a Traditional Kerala Room, which has over 3800 unique pieces, including an old Manichitrathazhu door, ancient mirrors and hundreds of intricately carved ivory pieces. A 200Sq.Ft. Hand-painted mural made entirely of traditional vegetable dyes depicting the World Atlas and highlighting the socio-cultural monuments of India. This museum is one of the largest private collections of Swarovski crystals in the world. 

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Have you seen the Taj Mahal of Alappuzha, the Ravi Karuna Karan Museum?

Even though photography is not allowed inside, but the visual treat inside is a lifetime experience. You get to see the private collection of a family which has, over the years, visited almost all parts of the world. Collected stuff from all over. The official time to see the place is one hour, but it’ll take one and a half hours or more to watch it completely. 

Have you seen the Taj Mahal of Alappuzha, the Ravi Karuna Karan Museum?

Ravi Karuna Karan Memorial Museum stands with its great elegance along the NH-47 passing through Alappuzha town, and is open for the public from Tuesday to Sunday (except National Holidays). Timing 9 am to 5 pm, entry by ticket Rs.200, which is double worthy. 

So, all Instagram explorers get ready for a tour of the Ravi Karuna Karan Museum, where the past meets present, and ancient artefacts get a modern twist. Let’s dive in!

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