Haunted Places in Kerala You Won’t Dare To Explore

Join us while we explore five really haunted places in Kerala that have frightened residents and piqued the interest of paranormal enthusiasts, making for a spine-tingling tour ahead. These places, which range from scary bungalows to haunted woodlands, are home to ghostly tales that will give you the chills. Walk with us as we uncover the dark mysteries of the Bonacaud Bungalow, Lakkidi Gateway, Trichur Forest, the Weeping Ghost in Kolam, and the well-known haunted location of Kariavattom.

Bonacaud Bungalow: Trapped Spirits from a Tragic Past 

Haunted Places in Kerala You Won't Dare To Explore

The haunted history of Bonacaud Bungalow is based on a dark past. Once a serene residence amidst the lush forests, it became the site of a devastating incident that claimed the lives of its former inhabitants. According to the legend, the tortured spirits of the deceased stay imprisoned inside the bungalow, their unresolved emotions manifesting as paranormal phenomena. The location is still inhabited by eerie apparitions and mysterious noises, guarding the traces of a tragic story.

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Lakkidi Gateway, Wayanad: A Thin Veil Between Worlds

The stunning natural beauty of Lakkidi Gateway hides an even dark mystery. The idea that the frail line dividing the worlds of the living and the dead becomes particularly perilous at this mountain pass gives the place its eerie aspect. According to legend, ghosts are believed to walk freely during misty nights, manifesting as ghostly spirits and creating a spooky atmosphere. The mysticism of Lakkidi Gateway is found in its capacity to blur the distinction between the material and ethereal worlds.

Trichur Forest: Nature’s Sanctuary for the Supernatural

Haunted Places in Kerala You Won't Dare To Explore

The spooky traditions and folklore passed down through the ages give Trichur Forest its image as a haunted place. The forest’s thick undergrowth and remote location make it the perfect place for otherworldly beings to reside. Locals think encounters with ghosts occur because the forest’s spiritual aura draws wandering souls. Stories of spectral sightings, strange noises, and unpleasant presence are evidence of the weird aura surrounding Trichur Forest.

The Weeping Ghost in Kolam: A Tragic Echo Through Time

The terrifying cries of a weeping apparition, whose tale is entwined with the history of Kolam village, will always echo here. Local lore claims that a young child died tragically in Kolam, leaving the spirit restless and dejected. The agonizing screams have been heard by witnesses echoing through the streets as if the ghost is looking for comfort or an explanation for why it happened. The sudden appearance of the crying ghost is a chilling reminder of previous catastrophes and the stubbornness of unresolved emotions.

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Kariavattom: Echoes of a Haunted Past

Haunted Places in Kerala You Won't Dare To Explore

Kariavattom’s haunted reputation can be traced back to a house that has become infamous for its paranormal activity. The causes of the apparition are still unknown, but witnesses have described strange occurrences, including flickering lights, things moving on their own, and a constant sense of being watched. Due to its storied past, Kariavattom has become a popular destination for thrill-seekers looking to experience haunted history and ghost hunters.

In a world where the boundaries of the known and unknown continue to blur, Kerala’s haunted destinations offer a tantalizing glimpse into the mysterious and supernatural. These locations have woven a tapestry of chilling tales that continue to captivate and intrigue, from the tragic past of Bonacaud Bungalow to the ethereal aura of Lakkidi Gateway, the mysterious Trichur Forest, the haunting cries of the Weeping Ghost in Kolam, and the lingering echoes of Kariavattom. As we tour these haunted places, we are reminded that a universe of strange events and encounters is waiting to be explored beneath the surface of our normal existence.

Dare to explore these haunted places in Kerala because these ghost stories have the thrill of the illogical and the appeal of the strange.

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