Govt. School In Kerala Introduces Gender-Neutral Uniforms

The girls in Valayanchirangara Government Lower Primary School in Kerala were quite elated with the change in dress code. The new academic year called for getting rid of bulky, unwieldy skirts and made way for unisex uniforms that promoted gender equality.

The introduction of gender-neutral shorts and shirts for everyone in the school proved to be one of best decisions undertaken because not only did it take into account the comfort of the kids, but it also managed to teach them a thing or two about equal-ness. Now, girls can move freely without really worrying about any discomfort. In fact, one of the main reasons behind introducing unisex uniforms is to facilitate free movement of girls so that can they can play effortlessly.

Raji C., headmistress of Valayanchirangara Government Lower Primary School, speaking to The Hindu, shared, “This is particularly convenient for girls who can play easily now. We were initially worried about the reaction from parents who might want their girls to continue wearing skirts. But most parents have welcomed the idea,” she said. “The girls are excited about the pockets in the shorts too. As a trial, gender-neutral uniforms were introduced for the children of the pre-primary section last year.”

The 104-year-old, women-run school has taken a step towards gender-neutrality by allowing its students to be comfortable with their uniforms. This school is also known for its student group health insurance policy. The premium is contributed by the Parent-Teacher Association. However, despite great advancements in the school, the Kerala Government hasn’t given them basic infrastructural facilities, preventing students’ holistic development altogether.

All said and done, the Valayanchirangara Government Lower Primary School has set a great uniform standard that will most likely inspire other schools to adopt the same policy.

Featured Image Courtesy: The Hindu

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