Gordon Ramsay Might Open a Restaurant in Kerala

Gordon Ramsay, the renowned restaurateur, British chef, and T.V personality has always been
a fan of India and its cuisine. This celebrity chef who visited India before the pandemic for his
National Geographic show ‘Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted’ shot some parts of his show in Kannur
and Coorg. The cuisine and the authentic delicacies of Kerala had spurred the thought of
opening a restaurant in Kerala.

Ramsay, in an interview with IANS, shared, “There are very few countries in the world that have such unique diverse flavours from north to south and then, east to west. Every state, every region in India has its own specialty in food. I have been coming to India for so many years, and every time I explore something new. It’s the love of local people that compels me to visit the country again and again. I really want to open my restaurant for the Indian people in India.”

Those who have watched that episode of Uncharted would have seen Gordon sharing his
admiration for the south Indian cuisine. The chef is seen tasting Pandi curry (an authentic pork
cuisine of Coorg) and doing several activities like shredding coconut, trying pickled fruits, etc. He
shares his views on the diversity of the cuisines and the variety of spices that are available in
India. The episode also has fun moments where Gordon is perplexed by the amount of spice
we add to our food.

A few days ago, Gordon tweeted a video that he shot while he was in Kerala to reminisce those
times. He stated that:

Every Malayali or rather every Indian would be super proud to hear such exciting news. It
would be really nice to have his signature dish beef Wellington (sensitive content?!) made
available in Kerala. This is indeed a great opportunity that will pave the way to the cultural exchange and promotion of our authentic cuisines globally.

However, an official confirmation from Gordon Ramsay has not yet been received.

Arja Dileep
In an attempt to balance between the aesthetics of an aspiring writer and the goofiness of a kid.

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