Google Maps Spot ‘Mysterious Land’ Near Kerala’s Kochi

Google Maps spotted a new bean-like structure , located near the coast of Kochi.

The satellite imagery from Google Maps shows a mysterious land in the Arabian sea. This immediately caught the attention of the officials at the Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS). They will conduct an investigation to see if there’s an ‘underwater land’ that exist.

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The landmass is located seven km from the Kochi port. It is measured 8 km in length and 3.5 km in breadth with an area estimate of 22 sq km. In addition, it is said to be five times larger than the Kumbalangi shore.

The officials at the Chellanam Karshika Tourism Development Society had written a letter to KUFOS, informing them about this mysterious finding. Apparently, the representatives of Chellanam Karshika Tourism Development Society had been observing this landmass for the past few years. They noticed it grow in size. The letter mentioned that, “There should be studies to find the reasons for this formation, what role this has to play in water currents and coastal erosion and whether this sand dune can be used for artificial shore conservation in Chellanam. The KUFOS technical committee which is working on finding a solution to the coastal erosion of Chellanam should study about this.”

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Chellanam Kasrshika President Xavier Julappan stated on Facebook, “The reasons for the formation of this ‘thitta’, the role it plays in sea flow and sea attacks, the possibility of artificial coastal nourishment in Chellanam panchayat using this sand collection, etc. many questions need to be studied”.

As of now, we have no information regarding this ‘mysterious island’. The official authorities will further investigate the matter, and let us all know soon.

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