Google India Celebrates International Mother Language Day With “A-Di-Po-Li” and More

Today’s the day we celebrate International Mother Language Day, encouraging everyone to embrace their linguistic and cultural differences. And what better way to do it than by having fun with it? This International Mother Language Day, Google India celebrated words that speak the language of emotions, and guess what, A-Di-Po-Li is one of them.

The A-Di-Po-Li Emotion

In Kerala, we’ve got our unique mother tongue – Malayalam, which we’re proud to say is spoken by many here. So, let’s get ready to show off our love for the language of emotions by sharing a unique word in Malayalam that makes our taste buds tingle – “a-di-po-li.”

Hold on; it’s not just any word!

When we talk about “a-di-po-li,” we’re not just talking about any word. This word is unique and embodies the essence of Malayali culture, especially regarding food. Google India describes a-di-po-li as a word that perfectly captures the feeling you get when you taste the heavenly combination of puttu and kadala curry.

When you taste the combination of puttu and kadala curry (or any of your favourite Kerala food combinations), you’ll understand why “a-di-po-li” is the perfect word to describe it. It’s an experience that goes beyond just taste; it’s an emotion that fills your heart with joy and satisfaction.

This International Mother Language Day, let’s show some love for the language of emotions by sharing unique words like “a-di-po-li” that make our mother tongue stand out. Celebrating the diversity of languages that make our world colourful and vibrant is essential.

Rishika Sunit
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