God’s Own Malayalis: Shakthisree Gopalan – The Voice Behind Melodies We’ll Never Forget

I vividly recall the time I listened to Shakthishree Gopalan’s ‘Love Medley’ on loop. And this was back in 2016. Little did I know that I would actually get to have a conversation with this amazing vocalist, singer-songwriter, and an independent artist. 

Shakthishree Gopalan was born and brought up in Mattancherry and trained in Carnatic music for 13 years. Shakthishree knew she wanted to pursue music early on. In an attempt to venture into the field of music in Chennai, she pursued her degree in Architecture at the Anna University’s School of Architecture and Planning. If asked about what she would choose between being a Musician or Architecture, Shakthishree would always say, “I am gonna build for musicians”. Fortunately, she’s had many opportunities to craft her skills in architecture and work with the best music composers in the industry, including the music maestro A R Rahman. 

Shakthishree is also highly vocal about women’s issues as she knows what it takes to be a woman in a male-dominated industry. Her TED talk, in fact, specifically talks about how it is an up climb for women to pursue their dreams, and how as a society, we must encourage that instead of pulling them down. This is something that’s really close to her heart and is a huge part of her formative identity. 

We had the opportunity to bring Shakthishree Gopalan on-board, and she genuinely poured her heart out. You’d be interested to know a whole lot of things about her. Take a look.