God’s Own Malayalis: Sachin Warrier – The Singer Making Our Hearts Come Alive

Sachin Warrier. Who hasn’t heard of this name, right? The well-known, and much celebrated, playback singer and composer has had quite an interesting journey in the Mollywood industry. 

Back in 2010, he made his debut as a playback singer in Malarvadi Arts Club when he was studying Engineering at FISAT, Angamaly, Kerala. For the next three years, Sachin would continue to work at Tata Consultancy Services, all while singing for movies such as  Thattathin Marayathu, Neram, Left Right Left, Thira, Rasputin, Philips and the Monkey Pen, and Bangalore Days. After having realised that music is his ultimate passion, he decided to quit his IT job. From then on, it was his musical journey that took him to places. While his career kickstarted as a playback singer, he ventured into composing with Anandam

Sachin has since comfortably ensconced himself as one of the best talents in the Malayalam movie industry. More than his career, what intrigued us about him was his calmness in terms of his response to us. He was kind enough to share his thoughts about a few things, and trust us, you will actually see the ‘side’ we just talked about.

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