God’s Own Malayalis: Prapti Elizabeth – The Lady Making ‘Malayali Mothers’ Popular

We all know of her as the ‘Malayali Mother’ who entertains us with the quirks of ammayis we’ve been exposed to in real life. This content creator & internet sensation, who is making our days brighter one video at a time, is all about making simple and relatable content that sensationalises the Malayali mother figure. But, do you know who is behind the spectacled, grey-haired, Amma figure? Well, say hello to Prapti Elizabeth

Prapti started her career as a senior writer at various well-known web publication firms such as Bluepage, Wadi, and ScoopWhoop. Her two and a half year stint at India Today gave her the opportunity to script, act, direct, and produce videos, while working as a writer. Currently, she works as a Creative Producer at MensXP. Of course, you must have seen her as a Malayali Mother in many of their videos. 

Prapti has constantly addressed various topics in her videos – things that don’t get much attention in the mainstream media like ‘Girls with Pucham’, ‘Malayali Mother on LGBTQ’, and many others. What we truly love about her work is the fact that she does not shy away from showing the true colours of Malayali mothers, and spreading the culture of Kerala through her content. At the end of the day, she just keeps us laughing and craving for more. 

We got a chance to speak to Prapti Elizabeth about her life, her quirks, and how the Malayali side of things worked out for her. 

Aishwarya Gopinathhttps://pinklungicom.wordpress.com/
A foodie at heart, an aspiring novelist, and an enthusiastic writer by nature, I love to dig deep into culture and lifestyle of the place and people around me. I hope to make people cry, laugh, smile, angry, and satisfied with my writing.


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