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Go Kayaking In Chavakkad At Nalumanikattu

Go Kayaking In Chavakkad At Nalumanikattu

The first time I went Kayaking was when I was in Kochi. As scary and thrilling as the experience was, I vowed to myself that I would try this adventure sport again. Cut to two years later, I found that there was a kayaking club 20-minutes away from my house in Chavakkad. All this while, I thought Chavakkad was all about its beach and fish market, but it surprised me and how. Nalumanikattu, located on Blangad-Chettuwa Rd, has to be one of those things you must experience when you visit Chavakkad.

Nalumanikattu offers two packages – A tour and a one-hour experience. We tried their tour package. It starts off in the calm waters of the Conolly Canal. Soon, you will end up under the Chettuva bridge where you have to row to an island, close to Rajah island.

Since we kayaked in the evening, we were able to see stunning visuals of migratory birds resting on the island. It was an amazing sight. 


You can either opt to go in the early hours of the morning or in the evening as we did. Both experiences are completely different but if you want to see the birds, you should come in the evening.

Here’s what you should know when you go kayaking in Chavakkad:

  • Carry an extra pair of clothing because you might get wet.
  • There’s an entry fee of INR 10
  • They have two kayaking experiences:

A) You can use a kayak for one hour for INR 100 (per person)

B) Or, you can opt for the tour (as we did) for INR 500 (per person) in the morning or INR 650 (per person) in the evening.

  • You can choose to go solo or double.
  • The guide will take pictures for you, all you have to do is ask politely.
  • After kayaking, there are places nearby to have food so you won’t leave with a hungry tummy.

Nalumanikattu also has stand-up kayaks, peddle boats, and camping opportunities. It’s a gem of a place in Chavakkad and you must give them a try.