Girlfriend Throws Acid On Boyfriend Because He Decided To Marry Someone Else

A 35-year-old woman from Kerala, Sheeba, attacked her boyfriend by throwing acid on him. The reason? He rejected her marriage proposal and wanted to marry someone else.

27-year-old Arun from Poojappura in Trivandrum was in contact with Sheeba online. They met through Facebook and were in a relationship for two years. Arun came to know later that Sheeba was already married and had two children. Upon hearing this, Arun decided to call off the relationship. He told her that he has decided to marry another woman.

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In a fit of anger and jealously, Sheeba asked Arun to meet her at Adimali in Idukki, close to St Antony’s Catholic Church in Irumpupalam. She wanted to talk to him regarding his decision to marry someone else. Over there, she threw acid on his face and fled from the scene. 

Girlfriend Throws Acid On Boyfriend Because He Decided To Marry Someone Else
Courtesy: Onmanorama

Fortunately, a street camera captured the incident, which the police found useful. She was arrested three days later. The video of her throwing acid is making rounds on the internet. 

Arun Kumar is undergoing treatment at Thiruvananthapuram Medical College. He has lost sight in one of his eyes. Sheeba also has suffered a couple of burns on her face when Arun tried to save himself.


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