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Get Bamboo, Clay, Soapstone And Eco-friendly Products At This Store In Thrissur

MKS stores in Thrissur

One of the best ways you can live a sustainable life is by switching to eco-friendly, minimal products. If you’re wondering where to get such products in Thrissur, we’ve found a hidden gem. MKS Store in Thrissur is a local shop that specialises in bamboo, clay, and soapstone products. They have a variety of decor pieces and serveware that are perfect alternatives to plastic.

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One of the best things about shopping at MKS Store is that you, in a way, help preserve the art of making traditional Kerala handicrafts such as Ola Thoppi, vishari and payaa.

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Source: Bincyness

All their products come in neutral tones of brown and beige because of the natural materials used. They also have a portion of the store dedicated to pots and vessels that are made using clay. You’ll also find bamboo cutlery and soapstone products. Believe it or not, you can even get an alakann kallu (cloth washing stone) there. 

Source: Bincyness
Source: Bincyness

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MKS Store is one of the many stores in the vicinity that sells such products. They’ve been around for decades and are one of the few people that sell products that are locally produced. If you’re a #VocalForLocal devotee, don’t forget to check out this place in Thrissur.

Address: National Highway 66, Puthiyakavu Thripekulam Rd, Pappinivattom