Garron Play Arena: The Best Go-karting Experience In Thrissur

Garron Play Arena was launched a year and a half ago and has already become the go-to place for sports enthusiasts in Thrissur. This family sports entertainment centre is located in Peramangalam in Thrissur, around 10 km away from Thrissur town. Located on two and a half acres of land, it has facilities like football turf, cricket net, paintball, off-road buggy track, and the special attraction – go-karting. Their go-karting track is the largest in Kerala, with a track length of 400 m. It makes this place unique and grabs the attention of go-karting lovers all over the state. 

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Ar. Sidharth C, the founder and designer, is passionate about racing. It is this passion for racing and sports that led him to start this sports venture in Thrissur. “It was my long-time wish to start such a venture. Garron Sports Arena is not a business-oriented venture but it is passion-oriented. It took around five years for its planning and design,” says Ar. Sidharth C. 

“Garron Play Arena is the first go-karting place in Thrissur. So initially we weren’t confident about the response we’d get. Now that we’ve received a good response from people, it has filled us with the inspiration to go forward. Many people come here to try go-karting for the first time. They are quite satisfied with their go-karting experience. And that is our goal,” added Ar. Sidharth.

Garron Play Arena Provides The Best Go-karting Experience In Thrissur
Sidharth, the founder of Garron Play Arena

Currently, Garron Play Arena has six adult karts with 200 cc engines for 14+ age groups, two kids karts with 160 cc engines for 8+ age groups, and twin-seater – couple Karts – where one person can drive and the other person can enjoy the experience. For adults, they charge ₹ 350 for six laps and ₹ 250 for kids.

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Currently, they have five activities for sports enthusiasts such as paintball, off-road buggy, turf, and cricket net. They also plan to add a shooting range, an archery range, a start horse riding academy in the near future. All these make Garron Play Arena a must-visit place for sports lovers. 

Garron Play Arena Provides The Best Go-karting Experience In Thrissur

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If you’re someone who wishes to experience a cool go-karting experience in Kerala, Garron Play Arena is what you’re looking for. Check out @garronplayarena for more queries.

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