Ganja Saplings Planted on World Environment Day

World Environment Day (WED) may be long gone. But, the story of a few mysterious Keralites who planted ganja saplings on WED is trending.

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Here’s what happened.

Location: Kandachira, a small village in Kerala’s Kollam.

On World Environment Day, a few Keralites planted ganja (aka Cannabis) by the roadside. They even declared that they ‘loved’ this plant compared to the rest. Eyewitnesses alerted the Excise Department about their shenanigans. Circle Inspector of Excise Special Squad T. Rajeev and the team were part of the operation. When Kollam’s Excise Special Squad arrived on the scene, they were not surprised by what they saw. They saw Ganja saplings (60 cm and 30 cm long) planted between the Kurishadi junction and bypass.

The Excise Department are still in search of these people. They have launched an intensive search operation. They are trying to identify the people who have posted pictures of this on social media. One of the suspects in the case is a man who was caught in a case of ganja possession earlier. “We also got information that the plants were maintained by a resident of Kandachira who was previously involved in a ganja case,” the Excise press release stated.

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The Department received a tip about ganja saplings under the Mangad bypass bridge. But, by the time they arrived, the saplings were no longer there.

Assistant Excise Commissioner B. Suresh is confident that his team will be able to nap the culprits soon.


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