Games We Would Play If Squid Game Was Made In Kerala

Netflix’s South Korean series Squid Game has become a global phenomenon. It’s gory, satirical, and a truth bomb that will haunt you from the very beginning. It tells the story of financially struggling individuals who have to fight for their lives to win a prize money of 45.6 billion won. With the show came an avalanche of memes and dystopian theories. We’re adding on to it by showcasing what Squid Game would look like if it played out in Kerala. 

Have a look at the childhood games that would have been adopted in Squid Game if it was in Kerala.

Musical Chair instead of Red Light, Green Light

Red light, Green light was all about freezing when the doll turned around. Musical chairs would be quite similar, we feel. Imagine people stealing chairs away from other contestants just before they sat on them.

Squid Game Kerala

Making things with ‘ola’ instead of breaking a Dalgona

The ola might not shatter like the dalgona but if you pick the wrong design and don’t know the technique to make it, your gathi athogathi.

Onathallu instead of Tug of war

Talk about a game where you have to pick the right people for your team. And while you might think that picking the strongest people is the best, there’s a lot more to this game than meets the eye.

Squid game Kerala

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Nooramkolu instead of the marbles round

Imagine what it would be like if you’re just about to win and your partner picks up the nooramkolu! 

Njan oru manushyane kandu instead of the Glass bridge

The glass bridge was a numbers game, but imagine if you were playing njan oru manushyane kandu instead?! Now that’s a real game of probability and permutation.

Kilithattu Kali instead of Squid Game

The squid game in Squid Game reminded us of kilithattu kali. Don’t believe us? Go check out some videos.  

Squid Game Kerala

We basically ruined your childhood. Sorry for that. But hey, do watch Squid Game, and let us know what you think of it.

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