Funny Cat Stories That Will Brighten Your Day

If you have a cat at home, you’ve most probably wondered what’s going through his/her mind quite a few times. They’re quite different from dogs and seem to have a very different dynamic with their human. And this special relationship leads to some fun stories. We asked our Instagram fam to share some of their funny cat stories and here are a few that’ll brighten your day.

I have this stray cat who comes to my place regularly, and I realised that he loves dried fish. So bought some and gave him a few, but he wasn’t satisfied. So, I gave him some more, but he still wasn’t satisfied. I told him that it was enough for the day, and hid the dried fish in my balcony.

He then went and slept on the couch near the balcony. But the moment he realised that all of us in the house were busy, he jumped to the balcony, grabbed the box of fish and made a dash for the main door. But the door was closed, so he dropped the container and pretended to be asleep again!

I have two cats - Leo and Dobby. Leo was an adult by the time we rescued Dobby, and Dobby was very young. He was skeptical and scared of everything. But when he saw Leo, he thought Leo was his mother and started nibbling Leo’s tummy for milk. Leo was petrified and has always maintained an arm’s length from Dobby since!

My uncle hates cats and we have 8 cats at home. So things are a little crazy when he visits us. On one such visit, I heard a scream from the guest room, followed by two of my cats bolting out with my uncle chasing him all the way downstairs in a towel. 

The cats had pooped in the box where he kept his spectacles. 

This is not a funny story, but something that kinda intrigued me. I have this cat Dhaksayini who has been at my place for years and she has given birth to four generations of cats that live in my neighbourhood. The third and fourth generations were born out of her mating with her sons! Might be normal for cats, but I’ve been kinda scarred ever since I found out.

Two of my friends were sleeping over. And we bolted the door of my room from inside. My cat usually comes and wakes me early in the morning to feed him.

Room lock aayathu kondu, he couldn't get in. He knows that I use the bolt to open the door but couldn't figure out how. So he kept tapping it. I woke up to the sound of the tapping. Tried to open the door but it was… well, locked. He had locked us in from the outside. 

Had to get the neighbours to help us open the door. They came with a really long thoti and opened the locked door through the window. 


We have 5 cats and the youngest is Freddie. My cats usually sleep in and around our bed. One morning, when I woke up, a huge chunk of my hair fell off and I was shit scared. Later when I brushed my hair, another chunk...I went bonkers. I told my husband about this and he started pranking me saying it's a ghost and all. The whole day I was thinking about evil spirits and at night, when I was asleep, I heard a noise and totally freaked out. 

And then to my mild surprise, I realise that it was Freddie chewing my hair!

My cat goes crazy when I tie my hair in a bun. I guess she thinks it is some sort of a ball. One day, I was attending a Zoom work call and my boss was giving me feedback that the client had passed on to him. In the corner of my eye, I could see my cat sneaking up. She then jumped and grabbed my hair like a frigging monkey. I panicked and had an awkward wrestling match with her.

Must've been quite entertaining for everyone else on the call.

Every day, at around 6 PM, a palli appears in one particular corner of our house. This triggers our cat Missile, who does not let even the tiniest of bugs to enter our house. She climbs the curtain and jumps for the gecko, but misses everyday and lands in our wash basin. Finding Missile in the wash basin has become a normal incident in our home now!

As we have a “Beware of Dog” board on the gate, people make sure that our dog, Tittu, is leashed before they enter. But little do they know of this other monster called Bhaskaran, our cat. One day, a person entered our compound (cautiously looking around for Tittu), and as he was about to reach the door, Bhaskaran pounced on him from the back. The poor soul ran for his life, and his mundu came off in the process. I saw this whole ordeal from the living room and tried calling out to the guy. But he was running for his life.

Now we have two boards on the gate!


Do you have any funny cat stories to share? Tell us in comments.

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