From Golden Marriages to #NoGoldWeddings, Kerala Brides are Elevating the No-gold Wedding Trend

In the past, it was difficult to imagine a wedding without gold. The absence of gold on the bride’s neck was considered a dramatic situation. However, today we can laugh about how important gold used to be in weddings.

The #NoGold wedding trend in Kerala has gained popularity among brides who are embracing the idea of weddings without gold. In a society where the size of your gold necklace can determine your worth, these daring brides turn heads by choosing simplicity over bling.

Breaking the Golden Shackles: Kerala’s #NoGold Weddings

The #NoGold wedding fad had gained traction in a state famed for its opulent golden weddings.

These days, brides seldom ever express an interest in gold or assert their right to wear it exclusively during the wedding. However, many people find it difficult to accept this transition.

By deciding against wearing even a little bit of gold during their wedding, Keralean brides sparked the #nogold trend. This had a big impact on many individuals, and many of them received criticism. Instagram was flooded with hashtags and images of stunning brides leaving the gold behind on their special day. Brides are free to choose different accessories that complement their dresses.

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Inspiring changes across

While the origin of the movement may be traced back to Kerala, it has affected a number of people. There is a growing trend of rethinking the societal norm of wearing gold at weddings. However, there is no pressure on anyone in this community to give up wearing gold. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not to wear gold on their special day.

#NoGoldwedding does not compel someone to choose not to wear gold to their wedding; rather, it expresses that wearing gold is not required and is not necessary to appease social or familial pressure. The #NoGoldWedding campaign had tremendous influence outside of Kerala, encouraging engaged couples all around India and the world to reconsider how they plan weddings.

Here are some of those gorgeous brides who splashed the trend of no gold on Instagram.

Kerala’s #NoGoldWedding trend proves the strength of affection, community, and simplicity. Gold is not a necessary component of a marriage. When deciding whether to wear gold or not to their wedding, it must be purely their choice. The #NoGoldWedding movement liberates couples to create distinctive and genuine festivities by dispelling the idea that gold is needed for a meaningful wedding.

Here’s a friendly reminder for women out there!

Your love, respect, and marital stability are not measured in terms of gold.

Think, rethink, and then act!

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