From Fire Paan To Lintd Paan, Try Over 150 Flavours Of Tobacco-Free Paan At The Paan Studio In Kochi

Paan has been a local favorite all over India. It’s similar to chewing tobacco and is often used as a mouth sweetener. If you’ve been wanting to try a tobacco-free paan, we’ve found a place in Kochi. This isn’t your typical paan store; instead, it’s a unique store that offers over 150 varieties of paan. The Paan Studio in Kochi has gained popularity because of its unimaginable flavours. From Ferrero Rocher and Litchi to Saffron Elaichi and Frozen paan, the variety you get here will leave you surprised.

Located in Panampally Nagar, Kochi, The Paan Studio pretty much looks like a boutique cafe. It’s quaint and sophisticated. The green pastel hues in the cafe are charming, making it the ideal place to have some fun with your taste palette. This unpretentious spot is cute in its own right.

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The hardest part for you would be to choose from the 150 flavours of tobacco-free paan they offer. You can either play it safe by ordering Meetha Paan, Saada Paan, and Rajanigandha Saada or, if you’re up for some burst of new flavours, you should try the Black Current, Cool Mist, Mango, and Strawberry paan. You can’t leave the place without trying their chocolate varieties such as Premium dark, Nutella Hazelnut, Kitkat, and Roasted Almond paan. We hear they also provide a platter that includes a collection of paan. It works well when you go in a group.

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Although The Paan Studio in Kochi is known for its paans, it is also home to other offerings such as Kashmiri pink tea, Chamomile tea, and falooda.

You’ll not only enjoy the flavours, but you’ll also have more than enough photo opportunities for the ‘gram. The Paan Studio in Kochi is open from 11.30 am to 11.30 pm, seven days a week.

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