Festivals in Kerala you must Explore once in your Lifetime

Kerala is renowned for its famous festivals like Onam and Vishu, but there’s a hidden treasure trove of cultural riches just waiting to be uncovered. The festivities shine a light on Kerala’s rich past and long-standing customs, which are frequently obscured from the public’s view. We are going to uncover the untold splendours of festivals in Kerala. So join us on a historical journey!

Attukal Pongala 

Festivals in Kerala you must Explore once in your Lifetime

Beyond its vivid rituals, Attukal Pongala, the renowned 10-day religious festival at the Attukal Bhagavathy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, has other enticing aspects. Unknown to many, this auspicious event is a unique instance of the solidarity and commitment of women. Attukal Pongala holds the distinction of being the largest assembly of women for a religious event in the world, which is an incredible record.

Every year, followers gather in the streets while dressed traditionally to take part in the customary cooking of “Pongala,” a holy offering prepared in earthen pots over open flames. The significance of this festival goes beyond that. The celebration of Attukal Pongala, which symbolizes the killing of the Pandyan King by the gods, honours the triumph of Good over Evil. Attukal Pongala is a celebration that crosses boundaries and honours the authentic essence of femininity since it is intricately intertwined with tradition and devotion and captivates the senses and the spirit.

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Arattupuzha Pooram

The exquisite temple festival known as Arattupuzha Pooram, which takes place at the Sree Sastha Temple in Arattupuzha, Kerala, gives you an intriguing glimpse into Kerala’s rich festival tapestry. Beyond the 61 caparisoned elephants’ spectacular march, which is a sight to see, the festival is alive with the rhythmic tempos of traditional percussion instruments. The spectacle is further enhanced by the vibrant cultural acts that grace it. The fact that this celebration lasts for an entire week is extremely remarkable and speaks volumes about the culture and passion of the people who celebrate it. Arattupuzha Pooram is thought to be the oldest temple festival in the state of Kerala, with a history that spans centuries. The grand finale of Arattupuzha Pooram holds a special place in the hearts of devotees as it involves the ceremonial cleansing of the temple idol in the river, symbolizing purification and renewal.

Kalpathi Ratholsavam 

Festivals in Kerala you must Explore once in your Lifetime

The Kalpathi Ratholsavam is widely recognized for both its historical significance and its religious significance. One of the oldest chariot festivals in Kerala, the celebration has a long history and is still an iconic event that exhibits the region’s enduring customs and cultural grandeur.

A stunning chariot parade, with ornately decorated carriages that committed participants painstakingly draw, is the centrepiece of this celebration. These worshippers drive the chariots through the village’s winding alleyways with incredible devotion. The hypnotic rhythms of Kathakali, a classical dance-drama form, and other ancient art forms bring the festival to life.

Kalpathi Ratholsavam is beyond just a festival. In a celebration of art and devotion, the festival connects the local population and tourists and provides proof of the steadfast customs and unwavering faith of the people of Kalpathi. This festival is a must-attend occasion for those looking for a genuine cultural experience.

Thirunakkara Arattu

Festivals in Kerala you must Explore once in your Lifetime

The captivating parade of gods from many temples is the festival’s Thirunakkara Arattu showpiece. In an opulent display, these deities are carried around the streets while dressed magnificently. The parade is a rainbow of hues, and the colourful umbrellas only add to the beauty of the scene. Thirunakkara Arattu is crucial to fostering harmony among various communities as it crosses religious lines and emphasizes the people’s common devotion and cultural heritage.

The event is held at the magnificent Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple, which has a long history and stunning architecture. The temple is well-known for its remarkable collection of mural paintings and distinctive sculptures that add to the festival’s vibe by showcasing a variety of other cultures. 5.  

Kottankulangara Chamayavilakku

The Kottankulangara Chamayavilakku Festival, which takes place in Kerala at the Kottankulangara Sree Devi Temple in Kollam, is a unique event. The Chamayavilakku custom is a significant part of the festival, where local men dress up as women, wear makeup and jewellery, and carry lit lamps in a grand parade to offer prayers to the goddess Durga Bhagavathy. This tradition signifies that devotion goes beyond gender differences and promotes unity within communities. This event is renowned worldwide and attracts devotees and tourists from various parts of the globe, making it more exceptional. The intriguing celebration has evolved from a tale of the Chamayavilakku tradition’s origins, where men disguised themselves as women to please the goddess.

You can now discover the diverse cultural landscape through the festivals of Kerala. These events offer a glimpse into the customs and traditions that make this state a captivating destination.

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