Experience The Magic Of Rock Hut Tabor Hills Resort In Kerala’s Vagamon Forest

Escape to a different world amid the verdant tea estates and misty forests of Vagamon in Kerala. Imagine spending a night in a historic cave, listening to soothing music while enjoying a campfire under the stars. Sounds like a fairytale, right? You can make this dream come true at the Rock Hut Tabor Hills Resort in Vagamon.

Nest Rock Cut Cave House – An Unusual Stay Option

The Rock Hut Tabor Hills Resort is located in Vagamon, a hill station known for its picturesque valleys, meadows, and enchanting pine forests. The resort follows an eco-friendly way of living and offers a unique stay option for travel enthusiasts, the Nest Rock Cut Cave House. The cave house is a one-bedroom accommodation carved out of rock, offering a glimpse into the life of our ancestors. The entrance to the cave, characterized by an old-world brown-and-black entryway, is reached by crossing a charming little bridge. The cave’s atmosphere is illuminated by lovely lamps emitting a warm yellow glow.

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Experience The Magic Of Rock Hut Tabor Hills Resort In Kerala's Vagamon Forest

The surroundings of the cave are adorned by a well-maintained lawn that features a sculpture of a lady. Guests can relish the experience of a campfire under the starry sky while listening to soothing music in the outdoor area near the cave. Additionally, the property offers jeep safaris through the tea plantations surrounding the cave. Inside the cave is a comfortable seating area for guests to relax in. The Nest Rock Cut Cave House provides various amenities like hot water, a clean washroom, and toiletries.

Other Stay Options at Rock Hut Tabor Hills Resort

At the Tabor Hills Resort, guests can choose from various charming accommodations, such as the Classic Cottage, the Luxury Cottage, and the Shalabham Tree House. Moreover, the hilltop pilgrimage site, Kurisumalai, is close to the property. If you’re looking to plan a romantic getaway, surprise your loved one with a candlelit dinner amidst the scenic tea plantations. The resort’s Honeymoon Suite features a glass-walled hot tub to enhance the experience further. Guests can enjoy fishing, horse riding, and a dip in the natural swimming pool during their stay.

Experience The Magic Of Rock Hut Tabor Hills Resort In Kerala's Vagamon Forest

The Perfect Escape to Nature

Vagamon is a nature lover’s paradise with its verdant tea estates, bobbing waterfalls, and mist-wrapped pine forests. Guests staying at the Tabor Hills Resort can take advantage of its breathtaking location, which offers the opportunity to capture the stunning beauty of the surrounding area. The resort is an eco-friendly way of living and preserves nature’s essence. The property has a natural swimming pool, which uses no chemicals, and guests can dip in it, feeling close to nature.

The Rock Hut Tabor Hills Resort, Kerala, is ideal for those wishing to escape nature and experience something different. The Nest Rock Cut Cave House is a unique stay option, transporting you to a different era. The property’s eco-friendly way of living and the natural swimming pool make it a perfect place for nature enthusiasts. So, if you’re looking for an offbeat stay experience, head to Tabor Hills Resort and immerse yourself in the beauty of Vagamon.

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