#Exclusive: Priyamvada Krishnan, A Performer In All Sense

Priyamvada Krishnan chose the Summer of 2019 to walk into the hearts of Malayalis. Her expressive eyes and delectable smile, perfectly garnishing her stellar performance from her debut movie,Thottappan, was a sight to see. She flawlessly conveyed an array of emotions through Sara Koch, a character that touched a million hearts. She even won the Kerala State Award’s Special Jury Mention for best actress. In fact, she has a nomination for Best Debutant (Female) at the 2019 SIIMA awards. The Miss Reina Intercontinental-India 2019 title won by her is just another feat to her long list of achievements. 

Thrissur is home to numerous talents, and now Priyamvada Krishnan has secured her spot on the list. When asked about why she wanted to become an actor, her answer intrigued me;

“I wanted to experience a lot of things. And I realised, being an actor would give me the opportunity to live a thousand lives in this one lifetime.”

Being an outsider in the film industry, Priyamvada was not without her share of doubts and inhibitions. But she strongly believes that hard work, consistency and passion will lead the way to her dreams, a motto her parents remind her of, often. She also draws inspiration from other actors who have made it into the industry with sheer passion and hard work.  

Priyamvada’s strong screen presence and her ability to capture emotions with ease earned her a potent character like ‘Sara Koch’, a huge win for a debutant.

“Becoming Sarah Koch was a huge learning experience for me. First of all, it’s my debut role and also Sarah Koch is the complete opposite of Priyamvada. She has inspired me to be strong no matter what life throws at you,” she says. 

Besides her passion for acting, this Ladki Beautiful also has a secret habit of writing poems and songs which she prefers to keep to herself. As COVID loomed into our lives, little miss multi-talented turned this into an opportunity to channelise her energy into doing something creative. Priyamvada discovered her love for self-portrait photography. Since then, she has created several mind-blowing concepts with the same, all of which adorns her artistic Instagram feed.

COVID and its impending effects have greatly affected the movie industry too. Despite the uncertainty in the industry, Priyamvada is positively looking forward to her five movies awaiting their release –

  • Thattassery Kootam, directed by Anoop Padmanaban
  • Idi Mazha Kaat, directed by Ambili S Rengan
  • Station 5, directed by Prasanth Kanathur
  • Divorce, directed by Mini IG and supported by Kerala State Film Development Corporation
  • Aparna IPS, directed by Sadik Nelliyotu. 

All the wonderful things awaiting only motivates Priyamvada to work hard to fulfil her passion. She blissfully looks forward to exploring her potential as an actor. As we wind up, this fated superstar has a few words to tell her younger self and million others,

“Never stop dreaming as no dream is too big or too small and your ability to dream is your biggest super-power! ”

All the best Priyamvada on the journey of your dreams as you continue to win our hearts. We got yo back! 

Aneena Ajith
Forever blushing for Music ,Books ,Pretty Skies and Brownies. Writer/Student (un)learning everyday. 💘

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