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Why the Motorcycle Diaries Is a True Masterpiece

“This isn’t the tale of two heroic feats. It’s about two lives running parallel for a while, with common aspirations and similar...

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Marvel’s Success Story

Marvel's success story has a surprising lesson for all entrepreneurs. From bankruptcy to being one of the most valuable studios in the world, Marvel is evidence that a "never give up" attitude pays off in the long run.

Thondimuthalum Drikshakshiyum, Rearranged

It’s been a while since Thondimuthalum Drikshakshiyum came out. Being the absolute gem that it is, you might be drawn into watching...

Is It Time For Mohanlal And Mammootty To Retire Yet?

There I’ve said it! Throw stones at my window for saying it out loud but Mohanlal and Mammootty has to retire and...