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‘And the Oscar goes to…’ Movie Review : Redeeming Factors Keep The Film From Being A Complete Gaffe

To anyone who considers film-making an unattainable dream, filled with sacrifices, patience from dear ones, and an abundance of grace from God,...

10 Malayalam Movies That Were Remade In Hindi

There’s nothing that angers a Malayali more than a non-Malayali claiming that Bhool Bhulaiyaa was the original. So we thought we would...

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Netflix has given us an array of raw content we’ve grown to appreciate over time. Which is why, we’re going to list down a list of underrated Netflix shows that deserve your undying attention.

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Veyil Marangal: Indrans and Dr Biju Make A Big Win At Shanghai Film Festival

Director Bijukumar Damodaran's new film Veyil Marangal (Trees Under the Sun), has won the Best Artistic achievement award at the Golden Goblet competition at the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival.

5 Malayalam Ads That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

The YouTube generation will never know the value of the “Skip Ad” button. Growing up in the 90s, you were forced to...