Easiest Way To Make The Dalgona Candy From Squid Game

If you’re obsessed with Netflix’s kickass series, Squid Game, you’d definitely want to try making the Dalgona Candy. This delicacy, as the series showcased, is a childhood-associated sweet for many South Korean people. 

Even in real life, children buying candy from the vendor had to cut out the shape without breaking it. The incentive, however, was that the vendor would either give an extra candy or toy to those who solve this sweet puzzle. In Squid Game, the players are shot dead if they fail to do so. As grim as this sounds, the Dalgona Candy trend spiralled into a viral challenge on the internet because of Squid Game.

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People loved making this candy as it only required two ingredients, glucose and baking soda. Later on, the OG version of the Dalgona Candy was experimented on and newer versions came into existence. If you’re looking to make one yourself, here’s how to go about it:

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