Earthenware Over 2000 Years Old Found In Attapadi

Attapadi will soon become an excavation centre, especially since archaeologists found earthware that dates back to the Iron Age. They found stone tools, stone circles, russet-coated, black-and red-polished earthenware and inscriptions that belong to the 10th and 11th centuries, proving that it is over 2000 years old.

The team of archaeologists were able to unearth urn and cist burials and copper utensils that date back to the Megalithic period. According to the latest findings, these earthenwares are proof that a riverine civilisation existed there.

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 K Krishnaraj, who is an archaeologist and Manager of the Pazhassi Raja Museum in Kozhikode, wanted to explore Attapadi earlier, but the pandemic hit. The state archaeology department has now applied for a licence at the Centre to get permission to excavate the premises. Only when they get approval from the central advisory board will they be able to excavate hassle-free. Krishnaraj commented that they would likely get approval by October.

In an interview with The New Indian Express, Dr A D Manikandan, shared, “Since 2012, I have been on a mission to find the archaeological remains in the area. I have discovered stone circles, burial urns and chambers, black and red ware pottery, cairn circles, hero stones, stone tools, menhirs and cists, inscriptions in granite and stones which include carvings.”

Dr A D Manikandan was the first person to make the discovery as he was doing his post-doctoral research on public health in the tribal villages of Attappadi. He believes that Attapadi needs to be excavated soon as the area is filled with historical artefacts that may go damaged under natural circumstances. He also aims to build an international tribal museum in Attappadi.

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