Discovering Kerala’s Most Scenic Treks

Kerala is one of the most popular trekking destinations in India. It is known for its diverse landscapes, ranging from dense forests to grasslands, and its unique flora and fauna. This blog will explore some of Kerala’s most scenic treks you cannot miss exploring.

Agasthyarkoodam Peak Trek

Discovering Kerala's Most Scenic Treks

One of Kerala’s most well-known trekking destinations is the Agasthyarkoodam peak, the second-highest peak in the state and located in the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary near Thiruvananthapuram. The trek commences from Bonacaud and takes hikers through various landscapes, including the Kerala Forest Department, moist deciduous and semi-evergreen forests, grasslands, and boulder sections. Additionally, visitors come to this spot for various reasons, including bird watching, flora and fauna appreciation, and devotion to Agasthya Muni.

Altitude: 1868 m

Distance: 50 km (to and fro)

Difficulty: Moderate

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Paithalmala Trek

Discovering Kerala's Most Scenic Treks

Located in the Kannur region of Kerala, Paithalmala, also known as Vaithalmala, is a hill station that offers a scenic trekking experience. The trek begins in dense forests and gradually opens up to vast grasslands. Paithalmala is situated east of the West Coast, so the forests here are semi-evergreen. Standing tall at 1342 meters, Paithalmala is the highest peak in the Kannur region.

Altitude: 1342 m

Distance: 10 km (to and fro)

Difficulty: Easy

Ranipuram Trek

The Ranipuram Peak, located in the Kasaragod district, is an excellent destination for beginners as the trek is relatively easy. The trek offers breathtaking views of the Western Ghats and is perfect for a short trip. The hills are adorned with evergreen-stunted tropical montane forests and grasslands. From the peak’s highest point, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the landscape, green valleys, and even a glimpse of the Arabian Sea in the far west.

Altitude: 750 m

Distance: 6 km (to and fro)

Difficulty: Easy

Chembra Peak Trek

Discovering Kerala's Most Scenic Treks

Chembra Peak, located in Wayanad, is well-known for its Heart Shaped Pond, also called Hridayarassu. This trek offers stunning views of clouds, tea plantations, a watchtower, as well as lush green meadows, and a diverse range of flora and fauna.

Altitude: 2100 m

Distance: 9 km (to and fro)

Difficulty: Easy

Trek Start Point: Meppadi

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Meesappulimala Trek

The Meesapulimala Peak, situated just 20 km from Munnar, is the second-highest peak in the Western Ghats. It is a part of the Anamudi Range, and trekking here offers a glimpse of various landscapes, including the Rhodo Valley and Munnar tea garden. On the way to the Rhodo valley from the base camp, one can also see Pandava Cave. This trek takes you through eight hills, passing through Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The peak of Meesapulimala resembles a tiger’s face, hence the name. The trek offers breathtaking views of cloudy vistas, tea plantations, a watchtower, and diverse flora and fauna. The Hridayarassu, or Heart Shaped Pond, located in Wayanad, is also a popular attraction here.

Altitude: 2640 m

Distance: 16 km (to and fro)

Difficulty: Moderate

Dhoni Hills Trek

Discovering Kerala's Most Scenic Treks

The Dhoni Hills trek, located 15 km from Palakkad, is suitable for beginners and provides an excellent forest walking experience. Despite its name, which may suggest a connection to the famous cricketer MS Dhoni, the trek derives its name from a boat-shaped rock on one of its hills. In Malayalam, the boat is called a “Thoni”.

Altitude: 1200 m

Distance: 8 km (to and fro)

Difficulty: Easy

Kerala is a treasure trove for trekking enthusiasts, offering a range of trekking options catering to all experience levels. From the misty hills of Munnar to the grassy meadows of Paithalmala and the rugged terrain of Agasthyarkoodam, there is no shortage of breathtaking landscapes to explore. With its diverse flora and fauna, rich cultural heritage, and unparalleled natural beauty, Kerala is undoubtedly one of the best trekking destinations in India. Whether you’re a seasoned trekker or a first-timer, you’ll love trying out Kerala’s most scenic treks. So pack your bags, lace up your shoes, and prepare to embark on a lifetime journey in “God’s Own Country”.

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