Discover Experimental Art Forms At This Circus Show and Workshops Happening In Pachamama

There’s a beautiful, experiential opportunity that has come your way. If you’re reading this right now, it’s a sign for you to unleash your creativity. Calaila, in collaboration with La Gota Circus School, supported by Mamangam Dance Company, is hosting a circus show and workshops in Pachamama Arts & Heritage (Aluva). Before we jump right into it, here’s the journey of how this exciting collaboration came about.

The founders of the boutique stay in Varkala (fondly known as Calaila), Sruthi and Bipin, wanted to bring in a new-age, experimental escapade to Kerala. Bipin, a vagabond adventurer at heart, came across Javier Rendon, the founder of La Gota Circus School, during his time in Auroville. At the time Javier was hosting a workshop in the area. Initially, Bipin wanted to be a part of a few drop-in classes. However, he ended up signing for their entire workshop with no prior training in circus arts. 

Circus show and workshops
Javier, founder of La Gota

Sruthi, speaking to PinkLungi, shared, “Bipin absolutely loved it. I remember him constantly raving about how it helped him improve his physical self and mental state. We even spoke about introducing this beautiful art form to Kerala. Without thinking twice, we approached them. They were happy to collaborate with us. Calaila, our brand, gives them the platform to take it to the next level in Kerala. We’re super excited to introduce them to Keralites.”

Bipin, the co-owner of Calaila, Varkala

The La Gota Circus Team is an internationally acclaimed circus company. They are known for creating tailored, unique performing arts with high-level interdisciplinary artists in urban circus, street shows, acrobatics, and dance. Through their line of work, they also aim to uplift the mental and physical well-being of everyone involved in it.

Having done over 5000 shows in more than 30 countries, they happened to be in India during the pandemic. Sruthi commented, “Prior to Bipin meeting them at Auroville, they were in Goa. All their shows etc. were conducted on a small scale basis. Bipin, the team at Calaila and I wanted to help them reach out to more people with our collaboration. Calaila’s efforts are supported by Rima Kallingal‘s Mamangam dance company. She has been involved in helping us market the idea. This entire project is our combined vision is to make this art form accessible to all since it helps you in both, physical and mental balance.”

Circus show and workshops

The circus shows will be conducted in Pachamama Arts & Heritage from Oct 29th to Oct 31st for the public. After which, the workshops will begin from 2nd November and continue for a period of eight weeks. The circus show and workshops will focus on acrobatics, handstands, clowning, theatre, fire shows, aerial techniques, Hoola hoops, ballet, dance, salsa, juggling, handstands, yoga, hand poke tattooing, Kalari and even some Spanish lessons. 

Circus show and workshops

They also offer drop-in classes for those who will not be able to attend their classes every day. All the details, including the timetables, will be available on Calaila’s Instagram handle. 

For drop-in classes, the fee per session is just INR 500. If you wish to experience the whole workshop for two months, the charge will be INR 45,000. Their ticketed shows are scheduled for Oct 29th, 30th and 31st. To book your slot, all you have to do is DM Calaila. They will share everything you need and answer any queries you have. 

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