Did You Know There’s A Condom-Themed Cafe In Thailand?

Sounds weird, right? A condom-themed cafe…why..what..how? Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand is a quaint little cafe themed around condoms. Located at a distance of 200 metres from Sukhumvit Road, this cafe grabbed our attention when an Indian vlogger posted about it. We’re stunned but curious to know what’s in store for its visitors.

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As you enter this condom-themed cafe, you will find quirky decor that will catch you by surprise. There have wall hangings with sex-related puns written on them. They even have statues and lamps made out of condoms. Many visitors have taken pictures in their condom-themed photo booth.

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Right after you gorge on their amazing Thai food, you will get a packet of condoms, on the house. Mind-blown, right? Only if I had the money to visit this cafe right now, at this very moment.

More than the theme, the cafe aims to spread awareness about safe sex, birth control, family planning and reproductive rights. You’ll find their Instagram bio quirky. It says – “Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy.” When you couple humour with the right messaging, it sets the right kind of awareness. People from all over the world visit this cafe. Maybe we should too. One day.

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