Czimkhy RV: The First Woman from Kerala With A Bike Racing License

We live in the state where Kallathil Narayani Raman is supposedly known to be the first woman rider in Kerala. Since then, women riders have claimed their spot in the space. Many have chosen motorbike racing as their passion. One such person is Czimkhy RV, Kerala’s first motorbike racer. At a very young age, Czimkhy had a passion for riding bikes. Her story of riding began after she got a Royal Enfield bullet as her first bike for her 18th birthday. 

She has always wanted to try something other than riding normally. So she began looking for racing academies on social media platforms and discovered one. She was ecstatic to be able to drive on a more advanced track. As a result, Czimkhy along with her sister, registered for a session. This session turned out to be fascinating and she decided to pursue it as a career.

But mind you, racing is not all bed of roses.

The cost of each training session is expensive. Before receiving the FMSCI Racing License, she had spent around 4 lakhs on the bike, transportation, and fees. Being a professional racer necessitates a great deal of dedication and effort. To attend numerous race events, which are often 6 to 7 laps under tiresome situations, involves a high level of endurance.

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Czimkhy RV had met with a severe crash during the final lap of Round 2 during the TVS Racing 2018 event at Madras Motor Race Track (MMRT), Chennai. She had serious spinal injuries and it took her around seven months to heal. During these seven months, she was bedridden and needed help with everything. She felt depressed about the fact that her active life came to a sudden stop. Amidst all these unfortunate situations, Czimkhy’s relatives constantly chastised her for riding the bike “like men” and asked her to stop racing. But her ultimate goal was to somehow heal and get back into her favourite place, the racing track.

The competitions in which Czimkhy has won are FJRS 2018, TVS 2018, INMRC 2018, FJRS 2019, TVS 2019, INMDRC 2019 and INMDRC 2020 where she was the Overall Championship second runner up. 

Czimkhy is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Homoeopathy. She also has a home baking business based in Trivandrum called Rocho Chocolates, which she started during the lockdown period. 

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