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Dubai Malayali Couple Hosts Idli-Sambar Iftars

Iftars are about beef, mutton, and biriyani, right? Well, a Dubai Malayali couple is changing our perception with the idli-sambar combo....

Kamali: The 9-year Old Skateboarder Who’s Going to the Oscars

Have you ever tried skateboarding? I have. I got on a skateboard at Decathlon and fell flat on my face.  Suffice to...

5 Things That Every Malayali Should Know about Thrissur Pooram

There's a lot that makes Thrissur Pooram one of the grandest festivals in India. You don't have to know it all, but here's our list of things every Malayali should know about the Thrissur Pooram.

Should You Take A Break After School To Learn About Life?

I swear I will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. This is the story of my...

God’s Own ‘Kallu’ Country: Malayalis Never-Ending Love For Alcohol

If you thought Punjabis are real drinkers, wait till you meet Malayalis. Kerala would have been a really, really boring state...

Chaaya: The Toxic Relationship We Cannot Let Go Of

Everyone would agree to the fact that tea is an emotion more than a beverage. And maybe, for many, it's the ultimate solution for every problem.