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14 Delicacies From 14 Districts Of Kerala

Food is an embodiment of culture and history of a place. If you do agree with me, let’s embark on a food-journey along the 14 districts of ‘God’s own country’.

What’s Lost When We Leave Traditional T.V. Behind?

Through this letter, I hope I can draw your attention to a problem that I’ve been observing for quite a while now. By the time I’ve explained it in detail, I’m sure you’ll join me in my concern and together we can say: Keep the traditional T.V. Channels alive!

10 Best Thilakan Performances Of All Time

Way back in 2011, as I was watching Indian Rupee in Oberon Mall, Thilakan's Achutha Menon expounds to Jayaprakash (Prithviraj) a trick...

It’s Time to Admit That Women Can’t Really Do What Men Can

Cooking a dish for a dinner party made me realise that I, as a guy, can do something that my female friends and family cannot.

Muziris: A City Lost To Time

In 1985, a papyrus from the 2nd century CE was published. Known to us today as the Muziris papyrus, it was a...

When Keto Diet Came to Kerala

There were many people around the table. Some were talking, others were on their phones; most were too polite to look. But...

When Malayalis Fled From the Gulf In Fear

On June 20th, 2019, Iran shot down an American drone. News pundits and online commentators immediately started discussing what this meant. Would...

Not ‘Third Gender’ But ‘Transgender’, Says Kerala Government

The Kerala Government has issued an order stating that the words 'other gender' or 'third gender' will not be used in any official documents. Instead, the word 'transgender' will be used as a gender identity.