Chittilappilly Square: A New Place in Kochi to Rest, Play and Enjoy

Do you need a break after a long week? Or do you prefer to venture outside occasionally? Or otherwise, do you feel like going out with your group of friends? Then let me introduce you to Kakkanad’s Wellness Park and Event Hub, Chittilappilly Square, which is the best and newest venue in town. From now on, this park might be your best leisure partner. 

The most creative and prosperous businessman, Kochouseph Chittilappilly, has now created an exclusive private park for the city’s residents. Be at ease, though! People from all over are welcome to come and enjoy the feast.  

Chittilapilly Square: A New Place in Kochi to Rest, Play and Enjoy

The Chittilappily Square Wellness Park’s indoor and outdoor activities are designed to encourage fitness, fun, and adventure. As stated by the name, it is a wellness park where we may discover all the ways to enhance our physical and emotional wellness.

Let me give a clear picture of the facilities and activities available there!

A park dedicated to achieving health goals

Everyone is always concerned about their health, right? We are familiar with many parks and rest areas providing miniature fitness centers and amenities. However, Chittilappilly Square stands out since it has the most efficient facilities available without sacrificing quality. This is something amazing. With its amenities, Chittilappilly Square offers us a wealth of options to look after our health. See what they have planned for us! 

Jogging Tracks: There is an extensive jogging track waiting there for every jogger lover out there. This track can be used both for exercise, walking, and jogging.

Open Gym: Chittilappilly Square’s open gym is more effective because it is covered with a solar plant area. This gym has a wide variety of equipment so you can choose it as your next option.

Cycles: Cycling always has a lot of health advantages, including strengthening, balancing, and coordination. Chittilapilly offers a variety of cycles for recreation and exercise.

Swimming pool: Their swimming pool, which has separate sections for adults and children, is yet another attraction.

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Are there any sports fans out there?

Chittilapilly Square: A New Place in Kochi to Rest, Play and Enjoy

Then you should unquestionably go to Chittilappilly Square! This is an amazing site for you all to spot your sports. Let’s see what the sports fans might expect:

Cricket Nets: You can play sports with your friends and family in this wellness park. Young and elders can test and improve their cricketing talents on the park’s two quality cricket batting pitches. 

Multi-Court: For most sports, a court is a need. Another unique feature of Chittilappilly Square is the availability of a multi-court where we can engage in and practice badminton, volleyball, and basketball. Quite interesting, huh? 

Roller skating track: They have an active roller skating track with all the necessary safety features.

Let’s all get a little adventurous

Are you someone who has never engaged in an adventure? A series of adventurous activities have been created with all necessary safety precautions. Do you want to know what they are? Let’s check!

Zip Line: There is a magnificent view for you. A steel cable on a safety belt between two points makes up a well-equipped zip line.

Double rope course: This will be a more enjoyable exercise for all of you. A single line running from one station to the next makes up this activity.

Rock climbing: Rock climbing is Another adventure in Chittilappilly Square. 

Get ready to take your kids to the most fun-filled place

The most significant audience for these kinds of arenas has always been children. Chittilappilly Square has provided a space for your children to play and enjoy themselves. The area includes:- 

  1. Swimming Pool for kids
  2. Fish & Swan Ponds
  3. Children’s Play Area
  4. Children’s traffic park
  5. Butterfly Garden

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Chittilappilly Square: An all in all hub!  

Chittilapilly Square: A New Place in Kochi to Rest, Play and Enjoy

Chittilappilly Square serves as an event hub with a multi-purpose hall for any event you wish to host and has a large, multi-level parking facility, including an open parking area. They have halls with seating for 100–1000 people. 

It’s always excellent to have a lot of options in a space. More than two halls are available, each with all the amenities like air conditioning, lighting, and so on. You can plan everything from birthday celebrations to music concerts. 

In addition, Chittilapilly offers you a multi-cuisine restaurant presenting a variety of dishes prepared with love. Why would a park be so accommodating, right? 

That’s how this wellness park works. Another fact is that the restaurant is accessible to both guests and the public. The park also contains several modest eateries in addition to the multi-cuisine restaurants.

All of this has to do with Kochi’s new park. Come together and take in the charm that has been created there for us. The park is open from 6 am to 9 am, on the weekends from 2 pm to 9 pm, and on holidays from 12 pm to 9 pm. You may check out their ticket prices and discounts on their official website. 

Ahh! Now, don’t make any other plans for this weekend. Grab your friends, families, colleagues everyone, and make your weekend bash at Chittilappilly Square. 

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