Chithranjali Studios Is Soon Going To House India’s Largest Recording Theatre

Chithranjali Studios in Thiruvallam opened its doors to the public in 1980. This ultra-modern Kerala State Film Development Corporation Ltd unit is considered a filmmakers paradise in the film industry. Equipped with all film production requirements, Chithranjali Studios offers cameras, outdoor units, lights, a laboratory, non-linear editing suites, dubbing studios, DTS mixing facilities, shooting floors, various sets and natural environments. This gem of a place is now upgrading to accommodate India’s largest recording theatre with a heavy investment of 150 crores. 

According to the Instagram page, Things To Do In Trivandrum, this recording theatre will house a Dolby Atmos sound system and three digital colouring systems with 8K technology. Another unique aspect of this theatre is that it will have a remote colouring system so a person can work on the system from anywhere around the world. Similarly, they plan to install a 100-piece Hungarian orchestra, which music directors can use online and offline.

Chitranjali will upgrade from two non-AC shooting floors to four AC floors. In addition, they have decided to scrap the old Green Mat technology and build six modern editing suites.

The idea behind constructing India’s largest recording theatre in Trivandrum is to be at par with Ramoji City in Hyderabad. Everything from readymade sets and locations to film equipment and services will be available in one place. Since each film unit typically comprises 200 to 250 workers, hotels and kitchen facilities will be provided. There will be 24-hour restaurants too. It will be made so that people will have a place where their food is served or distributed easily and stay is comfortable.

This is a huge upgrade to Chithranjali Studios. Thank you, Things To Do In Trivandrum, for giving us this notification.

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