Children’s Day 2022: Snacks That Reminds Us Of Our Childhood Days

Food and memories are a rare, mystic combination that invokes a lot of feelings within us. And mostly, it’s nostalgia. No matter how old we grow, there will be at least one food item that will remind us of good days. Be it the food your mother fed you or the snacks that you bought from your school canteen, the memories of it will always stick with you. Since it’s Children’s day, we thought we’d remind you of the snacks and food that played a very delicious role in your life growing up.

Sip Up Ice Candy

Children's Day 2022: Snacks That Reminds Us Of Our Childhood Days

Word on the street is that this ice candy is now making a big comeback after laying low for a long time. Back in the day, for less than one rupee, we would all buy a flavored sip up just to feel refreshed after a long day in school. Whatta life!

Cadbury Bites

Remember this legend? I wonder why they stopped making this. A bite of this snack was all it took to make our day better. On a lucky day, we would get something free while buying it.


Children's Day 2022: Snacks That Reminds Us Of Our Childhood Days

I ain’t talking about the Punjabi samosa that you get these days. The Kerala samosa, greased with oil and fried to perfection, tops any kind of samosa you get today. Even though it drips with oil, the crunch of samosa coating and the onion masala was pure bliss. You still get them in many snack shops, but people don’t buy them as much. This used to sell like hotcakes in my school canteen.

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Children's Day 2022: Snacks That Reminds Us Of Our Childhood Days

Does ‘Melody ithi chocolatey kyun hain?’ ring a bell? This chocolate was such a hit that when a child would bring a packet of this on their birthday, it would finish off in a jiffy. Why did this vanish off the face of the earth, I wonder?

Jelly Cups

I think more than the flavour, we were all interested in the feeling of the wriggly jelly in our mouths. A good, weird feeling. Some of us even tried making them from scratch, but nothing compared to the store-bought ones.

Choki Choki

Children's Day 2022: Snacks That Reminds Us Of Our Childhood Days

Chocolate heaven! Choki Choki required a lot of effort to squeeze out the chocolate from the plastic. But the effort was worth it. After all, it was just chocolate. The best no-nonsense snack ever.

Magic Pop

Magic Pop provided something that no snack ever did – Firecrackers bursting into our mouths. At first, many of us were scared to even try it out, but once we did, we were on a different high. The crackling candy was definitely a legend.

We’re sure there are more snacks that remind you of your childhood. Shoot away in the comments below. We’d love to know. Also, happy Children’s Day!

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