Childhood Things We’re Still Guilty of Doing

No matter how old we grow, there’s a part of us that refuses to grow up. Some would it call it ill-mannered, some would find it really cute, and others, an act of refusing to ‘grow up’. We call it a beautiful part of our life. It’s these little moments that take us back to the days when life was simple. So here are few childish things we are still guilty of doing.

Watching WWE

Yes, we’re still crazy about it. It’s one of those entertainment breaks we get from our day-to-day life. People smashing things and punching each other is just so satisfying.

Singing in the Bathroom

We’ve all been caught singing in the bathroom like we’re a Star Singer contestant, i.e, until we’re either caught or recorded by our siblings. We still have that habit, and there’s no stopping that.

Playing Mini Hide-and-Seek

Don’t we all poke our friend from the back, hide, and make them wonder who did that? It’s the oldest trick in the book that never fails to work it’s charm.

Making Weird Faces

We’ve done that as a child and as a grownup. If a child passes by you now, won’t you make weird faces with the hope to make the child laugh?

Step On Specific carpet Designs

All of us had a carpet in our homes that had a common pattern we used to play hop on. After a tiresome day of work, we all love to replicate it in our present-day carpet when no one’s watching.

Hoard/Hide Exoctic Chocolates

We hated sharing ‘foreign’ chocolates brought by our relatives. We still do. 

Sleep with Stuffed Animals

Don’t we all know people who have stuffed toys they can’t sleep without? Some of these stuffed toys would have their own names too.

Obsessed with Sip-Ups

Damn, they were way tastier than ice-creams. Sip-ups were (and still is) so cheap that it has become our go-to iced-dessert after a good lunch.

Watching Kids Show

Thanks to YouTube and Amazon Prime, we have access to a bunch of our favourite ‘90s cartoon shows that keep us happy. 

Licking Masala off our Fingers

Cherishing the last moments of Lays or Maggi by licking the masala in the end is the best feeling in the world. That’s what happiness is all about. 

Breaking Bubble Wraps

For some reason, when we all see bubble wraps, the kid within us wakes up only to pop the air bubbles in the bubble wrap quite energetically. It’s a stress-buster, after all. 

Doodling During A Lecture

Check your lecture notes now. You’ll find at least one doodle. Imagine how many you would’ve drawn as a kid?

Colour in Colouring Books

It’s crazy how we still love to colour in our colouring books. It’s too therapeutic to say “no” to. No wonder we all loved it as kids!

Cockroaches = Loud Scream

They are paavam insects, but they freak the hell out of us when they crawl around. Creepy, right? We would react by either calling our parents or screaming our lungs out.

Aishwarya Gopinath
A foodie at heart, an aspiring novelist, and an enthusiastic writer by nature, I love to dig deep into culture and lifestyle of the place and people around me. I hope to make people cry, laugh, smile, angry, and satisfied with my writing.

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