“Chechimarude Kada”: A Hotel Full Of ‘Chechis’ Serving Food With Love

If you’re looking for a quaint hotel in Kerala that offers delicious, authentic, and traditional cuisine, you should check out “Chechimarude Kada” in Palarivattam.

Are you craving a homemade Fish Molly with Appam or a choodulla prawn roast? Maybe you’re in the mood for a typical Kerala-style “beef roast”? Kochi locals can now enjoy food that tastes just like a home-cooked meal at “Chechimarude Kada.” The quality of food at this establishment is exceptional.

A place where we get delicious food and love!

Chechimarude Kada, located in the heart of Kochi, is a popular spot that always draws a crowd. At around 12:30 PM, people from all over the city head to Palarivattam with eager anticipation of the exceptional food served at Chechimarude Kada. Each bite is like a dream come true.

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“Chechimarude Kada”: A Hotel Full Of ‘Chechis’ Serving Food With Love
Photo courtesy: Maphug

Chechimarude Kada is more than just a regular dining space for many Kochi residents—it’s a home away from home. This modest restaurant in a charming two-story house has been providing delectable meals for the past 14 years. Led by the sweetest Kunjimoli chechi and her dedicated team of Chechis, this place has become synonymous with love, warmth, and delectable food.

But what distinguishes Chechimarude Kada from the city’s many restaurants? People are left wanting more since each meal is prepared with sincere love and care. The Chechis welcome you with warm smiles as soon as you enter, making you feel like a member of their large family.

Uncountable varieties of dishes

With a wide variety of yummy delicacies, this tiny gem in Kochi’s centre has won the hearts and palates of foodies. Even while Chechimarude Kada offers a variety of delicious naadan Kerala-style foods, one stands out above the rest: the adored Appam.

Imagine a cushion-like Appam that is soft, fresh, and waiting to be eaten. Your mouth starts to moisten just from the texture. You’ll want more if you eat it with the well-known Fish Molly, served with creamy coconut milk.

That’s not all, though. Traditional Kerala meals prepared in a homely setting are another specialty of Chechimarude Kada. A platter with flavorful sambar, tangy sliced mango pickle, mooru curry, and crispy pappadams comes to mind. Their main dishes include Fish curry meals, Pig vinthalu, Fishmoly, and pork roast which is a vibe. You’re in for a treat, all you lovers of duck roast. You’ll thank me later because Chechimarude Kada delivers the finest duck roast you’ve ever had. 

“Chechimarude Kada”: A Hotel Full Of ‘Chechis’ Serving Food With Love
Photo courtesy: Maphug

Now let’s talk about the best part which is the price. The prices are really low and reasonable. There is no quality sacrifice in spite of the accessibility. You will only receive the best because every dish is prepared with the utmost care.

Impressed, right? 

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If you happen to be in Kochi and are on the lookout for an exceptional Kerala-style naadan food experience, then make sure to pay a visit to ‘Chechimarude Kada’. You will be warmly welcomed by the lovely chechis. Get ready to be captivated by their non-vegetarian lunch, where simplicity meets exquisite flavors.

 Chechimarude Kada, which is located in Palarivattam, is run by a number of women- we may call them “Chechi,” who cook delectable meals with passion and affection. The non-vegetarian dish in Chechimarude Kada is well-known and is considered to be comfort food by the majority of people in Kochi. 

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