Meet Suku, The Dog Who Stopped A Person From Committing Suicide

“A dog is a man’s best friend”. The relationship shared between humans and dogs have often left us in awe. But the town of Chalakudy recently discovered a new attraction, the wonder dog Suku. What makes this ordinary street dog a wonder dog? Read on to find out.

Who is Suku?

Suku is a seemingly ordinary street dog who has done some extraordinary deeds. He is a resident of the Chalakudy Police Station. One fine day, Suku made his way into the police station and never left from there. He is a part of the police family. All the policemen there too consider him a part of their family and extremely warm to him. But what secured his position at the station was his quick thinking and his fondness towards the policemen at the station.


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Why is Suku famous?

Suku bagged the headlines of Chalakudy Vaarthakal for his act of bravery. Suku is usually very calm towards the police and general public who come to the station every day. But that night he barked loud enough to wake up all the neighbouring houses. Creating a ruckus and disturbance, he rushed into the station making sure all the eyes were on him. Once he was sure he had secured the attention of all working there, he kept up the barking and howling leading the policemen to a large tree opposite the station. The sight that beheld them there was startling. A drunk man was making his way to the top of the tree, climbing steadily with a rope in his hand. The rope was shaped like a noose and his intention was to commit suicide. 

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Chalakudy Police Station

Because of Suku’s swift decision making and deafening barks which weren’t without a cause, he not only saved a man from suicide but even four policemen from the possibility of suspension. Suku’s barks and growls gathered all around the tree and the man was later rescued by the fire department. Thus, Suku became the pride of the Chalakudy Police Station. 

What makes Suku special?

Prior to this incident too, Suku took up the responsibility of guarding the police station upon himself. He would undertake his position at the station gate at 10 PM every night and would leave for a break only at 5 AM the next morning. He was gentle not only to the people who would visit the station but would voraciously wag his tail when the policemen and policewomen passed him. They would also pet him and he slowly came to identify himself with them. But what broke the heart of all those at the police station was when Suku was captured by the Dog catchers in an attempt to neuter the street dogs. Since it was during the early hours of the morning, there was no one there to defend Suku.

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But Suku’s dedication to his work and his people was proved when Suku bit through the iron cages and escaped from the hands of those who captured him. The scars on his forehead remind all of his strong appeal to not leave the station unattended in his absence. Soon after this incident, he was joined by his daughter Rosie who was neutered and released to the streets. Suku has always been a member of the police canteen and is fed thrice a day apart from the extra treats he gets from those who work there. His main menu includes milk and biscuits and occasional meat delights. He is warm and friendly to all and is looked after by the couple Mr. Ayappan and Mrs. Lata who work in the canteen there. They take care of Suku, Rosie and a new small puppy who made its way into the station. 

Mr. Ayappan and Mrs. Lata who take care of Suku and Rosie

Can you meet him?

Yes, Absolutely! The police officers are very helpful and encourage Suku’s fans to come and meet him. Fans can also spend some time with Suku playing around and petting him. The police officers at the Chalakudy Police Station are indeed a perfect example of the Janamaithri Police. However, be advised to only approach Suku in the presence of a police officer since he is still wary of those in plain clothes.

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Suku identifies all the officers at the Chalakudy station, and not only responds to their call but has a special salute for them by going all the way down on his paws. They fondly call a ‘vanakkam’. Suku is completely vaccinated is taken care of extremely well. He is the apple of everyone’s eyes there. It’s fair to say that Suku is a “police dog” at heart despite not having the title officially. 

Shivani Sarat
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