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The Little Goldfish, a ceramic pottery studio by Anu Cheeran, in Thrissur is the perfect destination for all things ceramic. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece in your house or planning to spruce your tableware aesthetics, this pottery studio has a piece for everyone. All of Anu’s products, be it handmade pottery or jewellery, has a sophisticated touch to them. If minimalistic designs complement your aesthetics, her offerings would match up to it.

The prices of her products range from INR 400 to 1500.

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Most of Anu’s designs are inspired by nature, which is quite apparent in her work. Right from manjadikuru ceramic earings to leaf-imprinted tableware, her pottery items is a must-have. Moreover, if you have any designs in mind, a quick conversation with Anu is all you need for your ceramic pieces to come alive. Yes, she also customises products for you. However, do note that Anu doesn’t take urgent orders to avoid breakage. When it comes to clay products, time and patience are essential to make the perfect, customised product. You can DM her on Instagram to take the conversation forward.

Check out The Little Goldfish here.

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