Burnt-Toast Theory Movies For The Feel-Good Vibes

The internet isn’t always that bad a place. This realization hit me while watching TikTok-ers make a certain “Burnt Toast Theory” viral. Now who exactly came up with the theory is a mystery to me, but here’s what it says –

Imagine starting your day by burning your toast. There’s a high probability of you milking it for the rest of the day, saying your day would be like the toast. With a few exceptions of highly positive people, a burnt toast would mess up how the rest of the day is perceived. 

Burnt-Toast Theory Movies For The Feel-Good Vibes
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However, what this theory suggests is that a burnt toast isn’t really that bad a thing. It instead turns it into a series of “What if’s” that make the burnt toast one of the best things to happen to you. It reframes negative occurrences through a different perspective and pushes you to look at the bigger picture. One that would turn or lead moments of bad luck to good luck. 

For example, you burn the toast. Spend time making another toast. And probably saved yourself from a major Ari Komban accident happening at the junction at the same time. Bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point. A bad thing does not necessarily have to be a bad thing. It could have saved you from an accident, maybe helped you accidentally meet a long-lost friend, or even landed you a lucky trip to swapnangil maathram kanda Pattaya. You never really know. 

And if you’re feeling under the cloud, too, here are a few Burnt Toast Theory-based Malayalam movies that you can watch to reinstall your hope in the Universe. 


Ashokan’s journey to Kathmandu was a long line of burnt toasts. First, his bags get stolen. Then he cluelessly attempts to find his way around a foreign land, only to get kicked out of his relative’s place by an imposter. While he starts to believe that the Universe is conspiring against him, he befriends the Rimpoche Unnikuttan, who returns his stolen bag. With the bag, he found a friend in Unnikuttan, who would later take him through some crazy Kung Fu training and white powders (if you know, you know.) Did I also mention that he managed to win over Aswathy and do some kunu kune due to the burnt toast events? 

Ustad Hotel

Burnt-Toast Theory Movies For The Feel-Good Vibes

Passport locked up in father’s cupboard. Not a single chillara in his pocket. No way home to his cheating Swiss girlfriend. The never-ending series of unfortunate events push Faizi to return to his roots and chill with his grandfather Karimkka at the Ustad Hotel. What awaited him there was a life-changing glass of sulaimani. Here, he found a bigger purpose for the culinary skills he lovingly picked up and also found Shahana to share his journey with. Karimkka paranya pole – Kismat enn onn und Faizi. 


For engineering students, life is generally a variety of burnt toast events. But for engineering graduate Mathew, multiple misfortunes dawned at everything everywhere, all at once. Losing his job came with the burden of being broke and paying back a cut-throat moneylender. Adding fuel to the burning toast, he must also elope with his girlfriend to save his love life. Several twists and chases later, the solutions pave the way themselves and surely enough bring about a nalla neram for Mathew. 

Pranchiyettan and The Saint

In the movie’s first half, Pranchi gets royally scammed with promises of a Padmashree award and other high positions. Right when he starts to think that he’s hit the lowest point in his life, a lifetime award comes his way in the form of Pauly and Padmashree (his future piller’de amma). Churuki paranya, oru Padmashree poya vere oru Padmashree. Setting aside the embarrassing failures in life, he finds a larger purpose and clarity surrounding himself, eventually winning at life. Along the way, he also met Jesus, but eh. 

Jacobinte Swargarajyam

Burnt-Toast Theory Movies For The Feel-Good Vibes

After getting cheated off millions of dirhams by his business partner, Jacob’s swargarajyam comes down crumbling like a deck of cards. Years of successful business and his loving family were all put on the line. As he is forced to leave the country to avoid an arrest, Jacob leaves behind his son Jerry to care for their family. Going out completely on his own with whatever little business his father taught him, Jerry finds his way out of their struggles and reunites with Jacob to build back their swargarajyam.

Minnal Murali

What’s the worst that could happen when you’re cursing and delivering a monologue about your potentially bright future to your ex-girlfriend? Getting struck by a brighter ray of lightning. Followed by chakka vetti itta pole kedakka in front of her house. 

Jaison was almost burnt to toast by the lightning, but fate had different plans. And surely enough, after that, Malayali audiences got their own Superhero – Minnal Murali. I’m guessing Bincy deserves special thanks for that. 


The movie begins with Tessa trying to find the story of a carefree Jinn – Charlie. From thereon, it brings to life the stories of many people around Charlie and how they became his chosen family. Be it the terminally ill Mariya who finally felt happiness in her last moments. Kani’s suicide plan was foiled for the best as she gets a second chance at life. Or the hopeless romantic Kunjappan, whose years of longing and waiting for Thresia finally finds its answer. This movie feels like a warm blanket patched up with stories of hope, and it’s definitely a go-to when you’re feeling bad about a burnt toast.

How old are you?

Burnt-Toast Theory Movies For The Feel-Good Vibes

Who decides the expiry date of dreams? This movie shows how one burnt toast event can be perceived in two ways. Nirupama’s life revolved around her family and career. With her husband and daughter leaving her behind to pursue their NRI dreams in Ireland, the 36-year-old’s life turns into a toast-burnt-to-ashes. She was lost, but it was also a reality check for her. One that reminded her of her individuality and potential. Dusting up her long-forgotten dreams, she captures even the President’s attention for her paraganam padhathi. 


The perfect example that shows the universe functions in twisted and unexpected ways. George would’ve never guessed what was coming for him in the future while he was moping about having his heart broken for the first time. He used to third wheel his way into misery by accompanying his crush to meet her boyfriend for most of his high school phase. Keeping him company at the time, with a bowl of ice cream, was kutti Celine. The girl who would grow up to stand beside him exchanging 999 aksharapeshak olla wedding vows. 

All these movies convey a simple idea – the Universe works in surprising ways. The Burnt Toast Theory nudges you to give the benefit of the doubt, even for bad luck. It’s the old belief – “the Universe protects you” packaged in a brand new bottle. And I’m all up for it. Even if my burnt toast simply meant a burnt toast, who says I cannot romanticize it with TikTok theories?

So, while things might not seem to go your way right now, it does not mean it will be that way forever. Keep a little hope, and trust the process. 

Burnt-Toast Theory Movies For The Feel-Good Vibes

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