Bridal Photoshoot With Potholes As Backdrop, A New Trend In Kerala?

It’s not every day that you get to shine as a bride. So when the camera is on, you ensure that all eyes are on you. After all, it is a day to be remembered. Typically, a bride would want their photos to have beautiful backdrops that match their (joyous) mood of the day. But this particular bride’s wedding photographers had something different in mind for their client. And it has something to do with potholes in Kerala. You heard that right!

Potholes have been a buzzword in Kerala for quite some time now. So, a wedding photographer decided to bank on the trend and make the bride pose beside potholes.

In this viral clip, you can see the saree-clad woman walking beside potholes as the photographer does his candid magic. You can also see vehicles pass by her, wondering about the unusual situation. But the bride, in full confidence, does her part while navigating through the big, muddy water-filled potholes.

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The Instagram handle arrow_weddingcompany shared the video, which immediately went viral for its quirkiness. It has garnered more than 4 million views. The caption reads, “നടു റോട്ടിൽ Bride ഫോട്ടോഷൂട്ട്”. Watch the clip below:

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