Bohemian Home Items For Under INR 500 That You Need In Your Life

Trust me, you won’t regret buying these Bohemian home items. These products will amp up the aesthetics of your house. Get your boho creative cap on and let’s get shopping.

Looking for a lamp? Get these beautiful hanging rope lights that are unique. These lights ​​add an elegant and vintage touch to your house. The warm light amplifies the beauty of the lamp.

Buy it here for INR 429.

Bohemian Home Items

These sparkling Tealight candle Holders can bring out the festive vibe in your house. What’s unique about this product is that it sparkles and glows when you light the candle. It’s beautiful and everything your guests will talk about.

Buy it here for INR 275.

Bohemian Home Items

Nothing is more boho than a wall hanging dream catcher, right?

Buy it here for INR 259.

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Dream catcher

These terracotta handmade tribal masks are the bomb. You have two choices. You can either place it as a showpiece in your home or gift it to a loved one. We’d suggest the former.

Buy it here for INR 469.

Bohemian Home Items

I want you to imagine this mandala bedspread on your wall. Add a string of fairy lights and voila, your room will look straight out of a Bohemian empire.

Buy it here for INR 349.

Mandala beadspread

Macrame work and boho go hand in hand. It’s like a match made in heaven. Get this Hanging Macrame Feather Wall that is handmade.

Buy it here for INR 499.

Bohemian Home Items

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Another macrame hanging wall product we would suggest is this one right here. It’s bigger than the previous one. This hanging art perfectly fits in any room you place it in.

Buy it here for INR 349. 

Macrame wall hanging

I found this Turkish-inspired wall hanging that is unique and catches the eye.

Buy it here for INR 399. 

Bohemian Home Items

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Would you look at these stunning coasters? If you’re going to go all Boho, you might as well get this one too.

Buy it here for INR 199. 

Bohemian Home Items

I am a huge carpet fan. It completes a home and that’s why I urge you to get one yourself. I found this cotton rug that has a blue pattern on it. It’s really pretty!

Buy it here for INR 499. 


If you like a good splash of colour, then this rug would be more ideal.
Buy it here for INR 395.

Bohemian Home Items

These cute Bohemian home items can give your home a vintage vibe. That’s something you will cherish later on.

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